Where I’ve been.

To those who follow me and enjoy reading my posts, I’m sorry for the lack of writing. So much has been going on, I haven’t had time for anything  –  not to mention my wonderful lap top had a virus and thankfully – was taken care of by a wonderful tech team and I’m back up and running.  Any how, let me tell all of you what’s been going on and bring you up to date…. grab a cup of Coffee, Vodka, PINT of Ice cream or whatever you enjoy while reading because it’s going to be a long one…


First of all, about 2 weeks ago, I started having awful chest pains right in the middle of my chest and the right side.  I didn’t think anything of it… I thought MAYBE – just MAYBE it was something serious and I should get it checked, but I’m a “last minute” type of gal and won’t go near a Doctor or hopsital unless it’s 100% needed.  I was NOT about to go and get checked because  -well – I’m stubborn!  LOL… I want to say it was the Thursday before last if I remember correctly, and I had woken up at 2 AM to Pee.  (Excuse the TMI)… but, that’s why I was up so early… I was in the bathroom and felt this AWFUL sharp pain in my chest on the right side that I’ve never felt before… I clutched my chest and felt light-headed deciding if I should wake up Angel who was sleeping somewhere in the apartment.  I decided to ignore the pain, finish my Potty session and go back to bed… didn’t happen.  I had been having chest pains for a few days like I said and thought they’d go away like the others had, but when I felt ANOTHER pain a litlte less painful then the last… I knew I had to go to the hospital.  I showered really quick and got ready…hair fixed nicely, make up and all… LMAO…. YES, I did my hair and make up before going to the hospital – even if I was having a possible Heart-Attack!  I have a good friend who actually suffered a Heart-Attack and he’s only in his early 30’s … he described the pain as being hit by a train and that’s exactly how I was feeling, so the fact that I showered, did my hair and make up and got all “cute” before calling 911…. made me look in the mirror and think


Well, I must be to do all that in the event of a REAL Heart-attack…right?  Any way…chest pain continuing… I finished up and called 911… I told the dispatcher my situation and that I would be waiting outside when the Paramedics got there.  She told me she suggests I stay inside and sit down – taking slow deep breaths.  I did as told.  Angel woke up and waited for the Paramedics with me.  The fire dudes came first… (Yes, I just said FIRE DUDES)…and they left right away when the Paramedics soon followed.  Can I just say that you do NOT put two ROOKIE medics together on an Ambulance without a professional Medic watching over them?!  Smh….. the night was eventful. I’ll tell ya that!


They had bad attitudes first of all.. it was a White male and an African American female… she was nicer than he.  She also had a bit more experience than he did , but it was like the blind leading the blind. They were both helping and teaching each other what to do, and how to work equipment, etc…the fire truck dudes already left, and these two were the only ones left to save my life …and had I been having a Heart – Attack…chances are you’d all be remembering some great memories you’ve had with me over the years and shedding tears over your loss of me… (considering you love me?)… and you should because I’m awesome , dammit!  LMAO… and when I say this, it’s because the paramedics had NO IDEA what they were doing.  With no supervision or help besides each other, they took FOREVER to get me correctly hooked up to the machinary needed, take my blood, etc….


When I first got in the Ambulance, one of the women I’m friends with from my apartment complex came running over asking the male medic if I was okay.. he kind of pushed her out of the way nicely and told her, “You can see her when we’re done”… he closed the door on her face.  The woman medic  asked some basic questions… the guy was working on me.  He took my blood pressure, vitals and such, and when he started an I.V. on me…I almost had to bite my tongue to keep from either kicking his butt or laughing.  He stuck the needle in and took forever trying to figure out how to clamp the tubing to stop the blood from pouring out.  I’m watching all this blood pour out of my arm and my face was like




I made a joke that it’s more than I’ve EVER seen from an I.V. in my life… the dude didn’t laugh.  No sense of humor at all… as I watched all this blood pour from my vein/arm on to the Ambulance floor… I’m wondering when the hell he’s going to clamp and stop it, and he looks at the African American lady and says, “Which one do I use?”…. she looks at both possible things he can use and tells him to pick one and that he can use whichever one he wants… he twists the tubing a bit and picks a clamp to stop the blood, and washes out the I.V. completely leaving tons of blood all over my arm that’s now drying up and looking like I’m a practice dummy with one hell of a mess all over my arm!   Blood everywhere and the IV just looked so sloppy.  I didn’t say much but as he taped it and did whatever he did, he hurt me and I let it be known… to which he ignored me and I wanted to laugh and ask him how long he’s been doing this… but kept it in.  That took literally 10 minutes at the most… just to start a 2 minute I.V.!!!!


He gets done with that and starts hooking me up to the heart-monitor which I think should have been done first, but that’s just me and my Medical opinion… I didn’t have a Bra on… I totally rushed to get dressed and just didn’t think one was needed since they were going to have me un-dress at the hospital to run tests any way… so I threw on a shirt and a hoodie.  In the Ambulance, they made me take off the hoodie, and this male medic starts lifting up my shirt to hook up the heart-monitor.  I tell him I don’t have a bra on and ask him to lower my shirt a bit as much as he can because the guys from downstairs who know me are also out watching and the back of the Ambulance was facing where they were standing so they could see in perfectly. .. he ignored me again as he continued to lift my shirt and hook up the monitor.  I pulled it down and he seemed to be getting upset… I ignored him that time.  The monitor wasn’t getting a good reading so the female medic checked it and told the guy he had it hooked up wrong. They were both trying to figure out how to hook it up right so the reading came in correctly, and again – I tried not to laugh thinking if I’m having a heart-attack…I’m gonna die in there!  I know it’s not a laughing matter and I was actually getting annoyed, but didn’t want to let them know what I thought….


Once they finally figured out the heart monitor which took another 20 minutes…seriously…they got me ready to go and then had trouble trying to figure out how to enter my name in to the monitor to send to the hospital and couldn’t figure out how to send the arrival information to the E.R. When both of them were trying to help each other figure it out… the female tells the male medic to look for the instructions and tells him a few different places where it could be… she said it had instructions on the back of the monitor but someone must have moved it… by this time… I had been in the Ambulance about 45 minutes in the parking lot of my apartment complex – which is WAY TO LONG for a possible HEART-ATTACK victim to be sitting there trying to be hooked up, bleeding from the arm all crazy…and for them to figure out how to send my info to the .E.R…. call them and tell them!!!  But, that would make too much sense , right?!  LOL…. and after 45 minutes…I’m thinking


which one do you guys want???????

I mean really…45 minutes to hook me up – WRONG…. start an I.V. and let my arm bleed to death before clamping it because you don’t know “which one” to use to clamp it…. and now you guys don’t know how to call my arrival in to the hospital and spend another 10 minutes looking for the instructions????????????

I was given two baby asprin to chew… and a Nitroglycerin tab I believe it was that went under my tongue and burned like hell… and we were finally off to the hospital.  The guy was driving and must have went over the curbs three times on the way there making for one hell of a bumpy ride. Great… he doesn’t know what he’s doing as a medic, and now he can’t drive either?!  Ppppffftt…. WONDERFUL!  The whole time, I’m thinking of all this funny and sarcastic stuff to say – and was trying so hard to hold in my laughter… I laughed one time when they were trying to figure out how to call the arrival in – and I had to play it off like I was coughing. LOL…

We finally get to the hospital and instead of the medics taking me inside and announcing we were there, they both took me inside, and stood there for a good 15 minutes while waiting for someone to aknowledge we were there.   The whole time …I was pretty sure if I was having a Heart Attack..I would have been dead by now with the amount of time it took to get me treated in the ambulance and finally to the E.R. Needless to say, I’m fine THANK GOD… no Heart – Attack.  The doctors did a chest X-ray and EKG and both came out normal so they didn’t feel the need to do anything more… I had to also laugh a bit when I kept falling asleep thinking they’d take forever and either a doctor or nurse kept waking me up.

I was released around 7 AM…

I then spent 5 days in the hospital with Angel. He had absesses that needed to be surgically removed, and being the kind hearted person I am, and him not wanting to be at the hospital alone, I stayed with him all day – all night there…. when I tried to go home to sleep and come back the next day, he was upset because he didn’t want to be there alone so I stayed….. thankfully, one of the CNA guys brought me a recliner the 3rd day because I was sleeping in a hard awful chair the nights before that. Angel also felt like this CNA guy was flirting with me because he smiled when ever I asked for anything, and got it for me right away…..

4th of July –

I hope you all had a great and safe one.  I had originally planned to spend the 4th at my parents house and take my 3 beautiful kids there as well.. but, little did I know the father of my kids (ex-husband) made other plans without even asking me if I had any plans with the kids.  There was a block party going on by his mothers house and he planned to take my kids to it. We got into a big argument over it and it just completely blew my mind the way he was acting. Then again… I shouldn’t have been surprised because ever since we’ve gotten divorced…..he has his “asshole” moments.  This was one of them.  We finally came to an agreement – because my older kids don’t like change of plans when they’re going to do something “fun” …and they were going to this block party with fireworks, a mechanical bull, a jumping jack, etc… my youngest daughter however… doesn’t mind change , Loves being around me, and is a total MAMA’S GIRL so when I asked if she wanted to come over to my place for the 4th..she was more than happy to come with me.  I went to pick her up amd she spent a few days with me – made everyone who lives in the building fall in love with her… and she even went “Trick or Treating” here as she calls it. LMAO… I took her around to different apartments where I know people, and different people gave her different things. A good friend of mine gave her two pocket fulls of gum and a juice… another one gave her Mac and Cheese and Cookies, and the landlords wife gave her Smoke Bombs and poppers for the 4th.  She tells me, “It’s like I’m trick or treating”.  Made me giggle a bit.  I then tell her about Angels’ surgery which was on his ass – Yes, I’m totally serious… and she says, “So, Angel has no more butt?”…. I lost it. I laughed so hard and thought… OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES, HUH?!   The 4th was actually pretty nice and my 2 oldest went with their dad to their other aunts house on his side, and then to the Block party.  I was just happy he and I came to the agreement because I didn’t feel like going over there and knocking him upside the head… LMAO… (kidding , kidding).

He’s a handful, my ex-husband. He stalks my Online activities (supposedly through a friend of his whose a computer tech)… and anything I have open online… and he’ll question things I say here, or wherever else I write them… his stalking use to be stressful, get me angry, make me feel trapped, and like I just can’t get away from this guy… but, I laugh about it now. It’s gotten to the point where if he’s going to stalk me – may as well give him something interesting to “stalk”… and I no longer get upset over it. I feel like if he’s stalking me… he’s wasting HIS time, not mine…and he’s stressing himself out… not me.  I’ve gotten over it… now when he hits me up and asks about something I post online, I just tell him “When you want to tell me HOW you find my stuff or look at it, then I’ll tell you WHY I wrote what I wrote”, and that usually shuts him up.

Now listen, when I started writing this… I had so much in my head that I was going to say… and so much that has been going on I wanted to talk about, and now, sadly…those few things are all I can remember… but, A lot has been going on and things have just been crazy here, so for the few that checked on me and made sure I was okay..I love you guys dearly, Thank you… and I know you’ve missed my writings, so I’m back…and promise not to leave you again! (If I can help it).  ❤

Peace and Love,



My wonderfully “fun” day…

My oldest daughter came home from her first day of summer school today.


She pulled up in the Cherokee her friends mother drives, since her friends mother doesn’t mind picking up my daughter, bringing her home – and another girl as well as her daughter.  All 3 girls live in the same area so when they offered to bring my daughter to school and back so the girls didn’t have to take the bus, I was iffy at first, but I’m fine with it now.  My oldest tried to “trick” her dad and I last night because I wanted her to take the bus to make sure she got to school, went inside and didn’t try to ditch or anything with this Amy girl she was going with.  I don’t exactly trust her friend Amy for a few reasons, so I thought Amy just might try to get Tiffanie to cut classes… I found out today the girls are not in the same room together thankfully – and Amy’s mother watches when the girls go in… so, hopefully, no funny business will be going on.  Any way, last night – my daughter asked me if Amy could take her to school and I said NO and that she better be at the school the bus picks the students up from ON TIME so she could take the bus.  Last night, she was with her dad so I asked her dad who was taking her to the school the bus would be picking them up at and he replied saying our lovely daughter said that “I’ said it was okay for her to go with Amy.  I NEVER said that and I told him that, and I was like



I was pissed, but I didn’t say anything to her.  She knows I always find out things before she does them, so why she thought I wouldn’t check BEFORE she went to school  -was beyond me… I told her dad that I NEVER SAID THAT and that THIS IS WHY he and I need to communicate… he and I don’t really get along much so we try to talk as little as possible which I’m fine with , but when it comes to OUR KIDS, WE NEED to talk and I’ve told him this plenty of times or they’re going to walk all over us and we’re not going to know because they KNOW he and I don’t really talk and they’ll try whatever they can to play us against each other and get away with crap!  I’ve explained to him the importance of keeping in contact with each other when it comes to the kids, but it’s like the saying goes….



In the case of my ex-husband (Father of my kids)… you can lead him to COMMON SENSE, but you CAN’T make him THINK!   Sad – but true…. I’m not knocking him.  He’s not a terrible guy, but sometimes -he can be a pain in the ass and since we’re not together anymore, he feels like he doesn’t have to consult with me on anything – including the kids. Pisses me off and aggravates the hell out of me.  After I tell him I NEVER said she could go with AMY and her mother today, and that he needs to start asking me and finding out before just “thinking” or assuming I said something because our daughter tells him it – he then tells me he was there when our daughter talked to Amy and her mother and that he heard everything..Amy’s mother is going to pick her up and that the girls will be fine.


So, as of now, Amy’s mother is picking up my daughter daily and another girl and bringing them home with her daughter as well… and I do plan on handing over some gas money for all her traveling even though the girls live close to each other and the school is pretty close as well.. I don’t like it but I do trust my oldest to go to every class – every day…!   I have to let her spread her big girl wings and fly, give her some trust sometime – don’t I?


That’s what she always tells me. I have to trust her sometime… NO!!!


LMAO!!!  Okay, Okay…Just kidding..I admit, I need to trust her!

Any way, I see her come home from school and watch her jump out of Amy’s mom’s Cherokee truck.  I said HELLO to them, thank Amy’s mom, and they leave.  I asked my oldest how her first day went and she says, “Fine”.   I ask if she has homework , and she says, “No”.  I ask her if they gave her any papers or notices I have to read, see or sign, and she says, “No”.  I asked what they did today and she says, “Just changed classes”.  I asked if she was in the same class as Amy.  She says, “No”.  I asked if she made any new friends…she says, “One”.   I asked if she knew how to put sentences together ….she laughed!  LMAO…. all I kept getting pretty much was one word answers.  She told me she’s tired and hungry and wants to eat and sleep.  She seemed to have a good day, and that makes me happy because she was nervous.  🙂  I’m sure she’ll do well.


Today, I watched Frankie play video games for a while, and took Lani (my 5 year old) to TOYS R US… it was  a blast until she had to go back to her dad for his day..blah blah blah..and she cried her eyes out holding on to me so tight. It kills me when she does that and I wish I could have her every day with me.  I wish I could have ALL my kids with me everyday…but, I have to share with their dad.  OY!


And, that’s my day… hope all of you had a wonderful one.

Peace and love until next time,



The Miracle challenge.

A great friend of mine on here is doing a MIRACLE challenge in which she’s asking everyone who wants to write about a MIRACLE they’ve experienced…to do so.  I thought, since recently – I haven’t been writing, why not?  I can sure write about a MIRACLE I’ve experienced… at least, that’s exactly what it felt like when I experienced it. A MIRACLE. So, here it goes:


I want to say it was Christmas 2004 or 2005.  Not sure what year it was but I know it was around there.  Ex husband and I had gone out to eat at our favorite spot, “Chili’s”.  You could either find us there, or at the OLIVE GARDEN.  We loved both places and we considered those, “Our spots”… well, this one Christmas, we had gone to eat as I said, enjoyed a nice dinner and time together, and we left.  As we were driving on our way to TOYS R US to finish Christmas shopping for our kids, (we only had 2 at the time)… we saw a homeless woman asking for any money that would help get her food.  She said she was hungry and had a sign and all.  We had a lot of left – overs in the back and both of us planned on using them for lunch the next day.  Me for work, and him for work… but, I suggested giving the left-overs to her as I cried because it was almost Christmas, she had nobody, and she was hungry.  We were more blessed than her in many ways and I wanted to help her out.  Ex-husband reached in the back, grabbed our left-overs, and beeped the horn calling the lady over to us.  She walked over , shaking and cold – and ex husband handed her the left-overs.  He explained what was in there, and I leaned over and told her, “I know it’s not much, but you’re more than welcome to have them”.  She thanked us over and over and told us, “God Bless you both!”….and we watched her walk away, sit at a bus stop, and dig in to the food.  I felt great that we made her night a little happier and she got to eat, even if we had to make Sandwiches for ourselves for work the next day.  It was well worth it.   I felt like


Okay, “WE” did something amazing!

Well, that same night…we pulled into the TOYS R US parking lot.  Our kids were with ex husbands parent’s for the night so we could get the Christmas shopping done.  The TOYS R US parking lot was pretty empty and there weren’t a lot of cars at all. Maybe 3 at the most with ours included.  We went in and looked around…he picked toys for our son, and I picked toys for our daughter.  We met up and checked the toys out, put some back, picked new ones, etc… and when we got done, we added up the total figuring it would be about $90 something with tax and all.  We had $100 to spend so we did pretty good and got a good amount of toys….


When we got to the check out counter… there was a woman in front of us who kept starring back at us.  She’d look at us, look away, look at us again, look away, look at us again – look into our cart, look away, look at us again, etc.  This went on for a good 5 or 10 minutes as she was being rung up by the cashier and paying for her items.  She paid with her Credit Card..and , when she was finished – she moved to the side and kept starring at us.  We didn’t know why.  I thought ex husband knew her, he thought I knew her… but we both agreed she was “weird”.  We didn’t know why she was just standing there starring at us but we tried our best to ignore it and not make eye contact with her.  BOY – WERE WE SURE WRONG ABOUT HER !!!


As the cashier rang us up, this woman kept looking at us on the side… the cashier told us some toys were on sale, and that our total was “$75” even.  I took out the $100 and tried handing it to the cashier but the woman that had been looking at us stepped up to the register, told the cashier, “I’m paying for their purchase”, and went to swipe her Credit Card.  WE protested and told her, “No, you’re not..but Thank you”… we felt bad and didn’t want someone else paying for our purchase AND we had the money.  She insisted and we kept protesting for a few minutes and kept trying to hand the CONFUSED cashier our money… but, the woman in front of us swiped her Credit Card and told us to use the $100 we had to go out for a nice dinner together.   We thanked her over and over, and we couldn’t believe the kind gesture she just did.   We were amazed and she told us, “It’s not a problem at all.  I just won BIG at the Casino and I wanted to share it with someone and bless someone else like God blessed me!”…  I almost cried!  I thought about the homeless woman we just gave our left-overs to before coming to TOYS R US and felt like that was God’s way of saying , “You gave her your meals so she could eat, now let me treat you guys to another”…. I know it may sound silly but – that’s how I took it….and, I am a big believe in GOOD KARMA and what goes around really does come back around , so I believe that woman paying for our purchase that night – was our good Karma for what we did for the homeless woman.  🙂


Here’s why I consider it a MIRACLE…………


The woman who paid for our purchase left the store QUICKLY after swiping her card. She had a bunch of bags in her cart and some so big… she should have STILL been loading her car when we walked out.  We literally walked out maybe a few seconds after her… and she was gone.  She was no where to be found.  We hurried out of the store to thank her again, and tell her what a blessing she was… but, we didn’t see any sign of her.  There was fresh fallen snow on the ground so we should have seen tire marks where a car recently left the parking lot…NOTHING !  We should have seen foot prints where someone recently just walked out of the store….NOTHING!   Cart tracks leading to a car….NOTHING!  The snow had stopped falling, so there should have been something in the snow that was fresh to indicate someone had just walked out of the store… but, NOTHING!   The snow was still fresh on the ground… hadn’t been stepped in until we walked out, no cart tracks or anything… no tire marks, no foot prints.  And, with all she had in her cart…. there wasn’t anyone in the parking lot still putting things into a car.   There were the same cars in the lot that were there when we went in, so WHO WAS SHE???  WHERE DID SHE COME FROM???? WHERE DID SHE GO SO FAST????  I STILL get chills talking about this story, telling this story, and thinking about it.   I told my mom and my mom got chills, and said – “Maybe it was an Angel’.   I –  100% believe in Angels in disguise…. could it have been? Maybe.


I’ll always be thankful to that woman WHOEVER and WHEREVER she is… but, I really do believe it was a MIRACLE, and I’ll never forget her.  And, ex hubby and I got to treat ourselves to the Olive Garden the next night with the $100 we saved from it…. 🙂



I did NOT expect that, but I was so thankful for it…..



















and with this being said…this is my experience with what I consider a “Miracle”….

Peace and Love,


Another year older and Still Bitching.

Today was my birthday..and it sucked!!!


I’m officially


and realized I’m only 8 years away from 40….

Not only that but….

This morning, I get into an argument with Angel because he went to work, and I had called him for something, and he got an attitude. He says he didn’t and he was just tired, waiting for his bus, and ran to the bus stop… he was hot, he was irritated but not with me “supposedly”… so, I get angry at his lack of respect on my BIRTHDAY of all days…. and tell him that of all days, TODAY – my BIRTHDAY – is a day that he should NOT have an attitude, or give me any kind of “tone” that sounds like one… he had plans to buy me a Mickey Mouse watch I wanted. He had plans to buy me a Mickey Mouse cake, and plans to take me to see a movie I’ve been dying to see… but since he has no money to do all that…. he can’t and I’m fine with it. I totally understand…. he pays his rent, and does what he has to do with his money… so the least he could do , is respect me – talk nice to me…make my birthday nice as best as he can… and he couldn’t even do that.  We got into an argument and at first I was upset, but then I went OFF on him, and told him



I will NOT tolerate YOU disrespecting me or giving me problems on my birthday!!!! We ended it on a bad note and he went to work, as I ignored him most of the day when he got out of work.  I felt like for someone who says he still loves me “so much” ….. my birthday should have been one day made special by especially him knowing that my family is so far up North..that they couldn’t do anything for me or be there with me… this was the first birthday I spent without my family around me… and he knew that.

After that, I poured myself some coffee and opened my lap top to enjoy some “writing” time…. and didn’t do anything – because I let my coffee sit too long, get cold, poured creamer in but didn’t mix it, and it ended up doing some weird VOLCANO thing in the microwave when I went to warm it up… it exploded and went all over… mostly on the platter thankfully, so I was able to take it out of the Microwave to pour it out… and I ended up hitting the end of the table and spilling some in between the keys of my lap top…

By now, I’m thinking it’s ruined and going to fry the motherboard inside..so I flipped the lap top over, cleaned it off as much as I could – and let it dry out.  A few keys became “crunchy” sounding when I pushed on them, but thankfully – no other damages and nothing major happened..the lap top is fine.  I guess that’s the “brighter side” of today, huh? LMAO…

So, after the argument with Angel, the exploding Volcano coffee and mess in the microwave, and the coffee spilling inside the lap top keys….. I already knew today would be pretty bad but tried to smile, ignore everything, and make today the best day possible.  I decided not to let anything else get to me…. until – I felt awful , painful cramps for my “womanly – monthly issue”…. (if you’re a man and have no idea what this means… o well… but I’m sure you women know)… Yes, ON MY BIRTHDAY – I started having cramps and thought…………


I prayed for ONE MORE DAY – to just let my “monthly” hold off… but nope..Mother Nature decided to come give me it as a gift ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!….after that, I knew the day couldn’t possibly get any worse… but it did.  Angel came …..  I thought he’d at least make my day special somehow… buy me something little… borrow money from a friend to get me a small cake because he’s always borrowing money for other things… or at least SOMETHING that would make my day better, and make me accept his apology for his morning attitude… and nothing… he came here empty handed.. with a bad attitude still… apologized to me but still wasn’t acting right… and he fell asleep!!!  HE FELL ASLEEP…on my birthday…. he said he was “so tired”…and I get that because he worked… but come on now… !!!!!  So, I felt alone…I felt lonely… and like this was probably the worst birthday I’ve ever had.

End of story!

Peace and Love,


Graduation and Father’s Day…

Friday was perfect. Sunday was perfect… this weekend for the most part…was perfect.


Friday, My youngest daughter … my beautiful 5 year old…graduated Kindergarten.



The ceremony was beautiful. The celebration was a lot of fun and the school really went “all out” to make sure the parents, and the teachers – and the students..were all happy.  If you remember reading about it before… there was a big argument and issue over the graduation. There’s 4 Kindergarten classrooms, and the teachers decided instead of a graduation ceremony…they were going to do a celebration for the kids.  Some parents loved the idea because what 5 and 6 year olds want to sit in a chair for almost an hour while every single child’s name is called during a ceremony?  But – some parents…especially who I call “Mrs. H” decided to fight the decision and demand a regular graduation ceremony.  My daughters own teacher was one of the main teachers who came up with the celebration idea… (face painting, art projects, a Bounce House, sidewalk chalk, and more for the kids to do inside and outside)… so she was hurt when Mrs. H – this one parent was the MAIN PARENT who went against this idea and tried getting other parents together to fight the celebration.  So – I guess Mrs. H won.. and the teachers also won.. because the Principal and teachers came up with a way to make everyone happy. An e-mail went out a few weeks ago that there WOULD be an actual graduation ceremony and THEN the outside/inside celebration for the kids.  We were then told that because of the gym size where the graduation ceremony would take place – only the PARENTS would be allowed to attend.  This “Mrs. H” mom then made a big deal of that and tried to fight that decision but that’s one thing she did NOT win on and the school stood their ground. PARENTS ONLY!!!  So, the father of my kids and I went – and it was a beautiful ceremony.  The girls walked in one way… and the boys walked in the other way, and they met up in the middle with their “walking partners” and walked to the stage.  Lani “BOUNCED WALKED” in..she has this walk she does where she BOUNCES as well…. AND that’s what she did. She walked in, walked around, met up with her walking partner, and went to the stage. The kids sat in their assigned seats, got settled, and once all Kindergarten classes were in the gym and on stage… the Color guard did their thing, the kids recited a poem in English and Spanish… sang another song in Spanish, sang TOY STORY’S “YOUVE GOT A FRIEND IN ME” in Spanish..and then sang a song called “Good-bye” where they said GOOD-BYE , SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER”… in English and Spanish as well.  It was amazing to see these kids perform and remember so much BI-LINGUAL in one sitting. It took a lot if Practice and they all did SO well.  🙂


They all behaved. They all sat still…and after…names were called by each Kindergarten teacher to announce her class as graduates… and when the teachers called their names, the bows bowed and the girls curtseyed…and it was adorable. I got more videos than pictures of the ceremony, but I got more pictures than videos of the celebration … LOL… the whole thing was perfect.  I had to laugh because during the songs, my Lani was up on stage dancing and jamming and was rocking herself back and forth, cheering for her classmates when their names were read.. and was just a doll.  It made me cry a bit..and when the teachers announced the KINDERGARTEN CLASS of 2014  – and the 8th class of 2022 … I had to do that Math, and I was like, “Yup…my 5 year old is the class of 2022″… she sure is… I feel old!!! LMAO….  it seems like so long away but those years fly by like crazy so fast….when she’s in 8th grade graduating, I’m going to look back and remember FRIDAY in the gym when they announced the kids as the class of 2022 and she BOUNCE WALKED in as well… and then….


When she’s suppose to get off stage and meet up with her walking partner again to walk down the middle of the gym after the ceremony was over… she jumps off the stage… and twirls around a few times to the song, “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes singing AY-O”… however it goes… she LOVES that song so she was twirling herself instead of walking straight with her partner and going around the sides to walk out. LMAO… she eventually stopped and did what she was supposed to do… it made everyone giggle… 🙂


After… the celebration was great.  Lani and all the other kids and families had a great time. The teachers and principal were great taking pictures with the students and families… the kids were allowed to play in the park, be in and out of the school and 3 different classrooms that had face painting as I said, balloon animals being made, arts and crafts, temporary tattoos, etc. and outside, was the BOUNCE HOUSE, sidewalk chalk, games and prizes and more…. I can say it enough, I was impressed and the teachers and Principal did their best to make both parents and students happy… and it worked!  The whole thing was amazing, and I’ll never forgot it.  Lani kept saying how much fun she had. That’s what matters.  Oldest daughter came by and stayed with us…the school provided an amzing lunch of hotdogs, chips, water, juice, Chocolate Milk, and delicious Brownies..and one lady even yelled that there were extras and that she KNOWS all the DADS can eat – so to come back in for 2nds and 3rds…


Francisco (ex husband) and I decided since we were already there and it was the last day of school for all the kids… we should just take our Frankie out of school early, so we went to the office and one of Francisco’s friends were there as well taking out his older daughter early since his Kindergarten daughter just graduated and he saw no point in going home and coming back again.  The office lady asked him first why he was taking his daughter out early.  He thought about it for a few minutes and said he had no reason.  The lady then  asked me why I was taking Frankie out early. I DID have a reason… it was the last day of school and I was there anyway, about to leave – and didn’t think it was nessassary to come back again.  She gave me this funny look and told me, “You know it’s going to count against him as half of day, right?”… she told the other father the same thing… and I looked at Francisco – who shrugged his shoulders.. I asked the lady if she was serious and asked her, “ON THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…YOU GUYS CAN’T JUST LET IT GO?”…she said No… so, I shook my head, rolled my eyes and signed Frankie out.  The other father did the same with his daughter.  As I was waiting for Frankie in the hall way, I see him come downstairs with 2 of his other friends from class… he’s smiling from ear to ear..holds up his report card, and screams, “I PASSED!!!”….I was so excited because he’s been a pain in my ass this year …and I’m sure his teacher feels the same. I’ve had to sit in class with him at the beginning of the year because he couldn’t behave… I’ve had to fight against him and this kid Josh hanging out and sitting together because these two are Partners in crime… I’ve had to watch him, go up to school for many conferences because of his grades or his behavior, or him doing his homework but for some reason, not turning it in… and he just drove his teacher and I nuts this year… but he really pulled himself together at the end..and even though I was worried he wouldn’t pass… he DID… he’s going to 5th grade! WWWOOO HOOOO, right?!  LOL… it’s a big accomplishment for him and he was ssssooo proud of himself and happy.  I was so proud and so was his dad. I joked that the teacher passed him to get him out of her classroom and he laughed. He said his teacher scared him because when she handed him his report card, she told him, “I’m so sorry Frankie…but…YOU PASSED!”…he thought she was going to say he failed.  On the way home…he was talking about how he switches classes now, and how for reading – he has Mrs. Fernandez.  She’s tough!  She’s Latina – very pretty…. but she’s a firecracker.. she doesn’t let her students get away with ANYTHING. There’s no ‘slap on the wrist’, or “another chance” … if you’re not doing what she expects of you, following her rules, doing her homework she gives out, classwork, etc. you’re going to deal with the consequences and you’re not going to like them!  My oldest daughter had her in 5th grade and this is how SHE and I both know what this teacher is like.  She can be the most sweetest and awesome teacher if you do what she wants and says… but if you’re her student and you’re goofing off… she doesn’t tolerate it.  Mostly everyone who has had Mrs. Fernandez knows she’s NOT the one to mess with!  She’s young…. but she’s tough as I said.  My Frankie decides he’s going to whistle at her last week as most of the students think she’s a good looking teacher.  You know how young boys can be..smh!  He and another friend were walking down the stairs as she was walking up – and as she heard the whistle..she looked over the banister and asked who did it.  His friend was quick to point at Frankie and Frankie smiled his evil little smile. Mrs. Fernandez told him, “Don’t you ever whistle at me”… Frankie said he wasn’t.. he was just whistling. She didn’t believe him and asked what his name was. When he told her – first and last – she asked, “Tiffanie’s brother?”… he said YES… and she shook her head and said, “I’ll probably have you next year for reading…I’m watching you!”.  He laughed and knew she was dead serious!  I told him he better watch himself around here because she doesn’t play these games.  She isn’t like the other teachers and will make sure he gets MORE than detention… Frankie just giggled but I was also very serious. She’s strict. So, Lani graduated Kindergarten…and had a great time Friday at the celebration…               PART_1402763850842

She got her face painted with the number 1 for “first grade”… went in the BOUNCE HOUSE, had snacks, did art projects and more….


Frankie passed 4th and is now going on to 5th grade… and , Tiffie babe is going to Summer school and we’ll hopefully be celebrating her 8th grade graduation at the end of July… My Frankie also got an award for some web site he finished creating in the time limit allowed… him and 4 other boys along with 5 or 6 girls finished on time… I was amazed and so very proud… he got this:





My oldest daughter also got her AUTOGRAPH book for 8th grade… and in it – one of her teachers wrote how he had no idea how she figured out the “WHITE BOOKS” whatever those are..she explained it but even I didn’t understand…LMAO… and said that he was amazed at how she figured them out, and he couldn’t even do it… he said he was going to use her method she taught him next year for his students… I was surprised and thought….



LOL… no no , I already knew that…I’m joking of course… my kids were always VERY smart!       Now, they’re proving it!  LMAO…. again, I’m joking… they always have!


Any way… yesterday was Father’s day.  I got my dad a STEELERS “snap back” hat as my kids call it. It’s really nice… I should have taken a picture of it, but didn’t even think about it… my brother has a picture on his phone that he took when my dad put it on.. so I’ll add it here when my brother sends it to me later.  🙂  My dad is ALWAYS wearing my brothers MY SON IS IN THE ARMY my brother got him, so when my dad took it off yesterday and replaced it with the STEELERS hat… my brother looked at me and joked saying I didn’t support the Army… I told him it’s about time my dad took his hat off and put another one on…and we had a good laugh about it.  My dad of course doesn’t like to get ANYTHING related to the STEELERS dirty… so he put it in his room on the shelf for safe-keeping, and put my brothers ARMY hat back on.  We had a great time yesterday as well….. when I got there… I enjoyed a glass of


 and fruit punch…. yes, I just poured it right in… I don’t drink much…so when I’m with family..I like to kick back and enjoy a few… (we celebrated Father’s day at my parent’s house by the way)… everyone had a blast…I laughed when my brother asked if I was drinking any of the KINKY and I told him NOOOO…he asked me to let me let him smell my breath, and of course, I said NOOOO…. (I was guilty)… LOL… we BBQ-ed.. my sister in law cooked and her food was amazing…but I had to laugh when I saw her standing over the grill like this:


with a cigarette in her mouth as she cooked – and smoked! Thankfully, the food didn’t taste like smoke and it was delicious…. LOL… that’s a true hillbilly chef for you… LMAO… again – kidding, kidding!!!  She’s no where near hillbilly….

We enjoyed dinner and had a cake after..it was ORIGINALLY suppose to be for just my daughters for graduating 8th (or – Tiffanie will be at the end of summer school)..and Lani graduating Kindergarten, but I said we HAD to put Frankie in it too because I didn’t want him feeling left out since he did pass 4th grade as well… my mother agreed, and put his name on it also… and then  –  we had to figure out how to make it a FATHER’S DAY cake as well… so, my mother wrote HAPPY FATHER’S DAY along the sides… (we know, we’re part Ghetto if we have to be)!  LMAO… … and then my sister in law didn’t want her little brother feeling left out, so my mom added his name as well to the cake for him passing to the next grade.


and they couldn’t eat it without us getting a picture of them with it first… LOL


My 3 – and my sister in law’s little brother, D.

After we had dinner and the cake… we cleaned up..and I had to laugh because my brother had two positions… the SITTING UP position when he’s eating or drinking…


and here..he just got done doing BOTH…



where he lays down to ‘FACEBOOK” and relax… LOL… and that’s exactly where he stayed for almost 30 minutes.

But, we all had a great time… we asked the kids to take pictures with my dad… and of course… I had to take 3 before I got a “nice” one without Frankie goofing around… LOL..boys I tell ya!!!!



and …the nice one below…


It was a great day as I said.. nice and relaxed with no drama… and … my brother pulled out these from his wallet:


I sent these cards to him with inspirational poems on them … one saying I’M SORRY and a poem for all the arguments and fights we ever had… one letting him know he’s my hero for serving his country… one telling him how proud I was of him…and another for hope… he was doing his year in Afghanistan when I sent these to him, and he kept them all these years. That about 4 years ago I believe… I never knew he kept them so when he pulled them out of his wallet… I was shocked and told him, “That’s love! If I had any doubts of me loving you before, I have none now!”… LMAO… of course, I’M JOKING ..I love him dearly and I know he loves me the same …and by keeping these… he proved it!  🙂

So, we had a nice time… and another holiday where nobody went to the E.R…. we have a history of SOMEONE going to the E.R. when we have family parties/BBQ’s and holiday events… LOL…

Ah well…have a blessed day loves…

Peace and Love,



The BOSS FROM HELL returns and more…

The BOSS FROM HELL (that I wrote about below) hasn’t been to the building since I went off on him the night I quit working for him.  He’s stopped by maybe once or twice, and left within 2 seconds… he’ll drop something off or pick something up… but never stay longer than that because of me.  Well, I kept trying to catch him and never could… all I wanted was my items that I accidently left in the Lexus when I quit, and my $350 he still owes me for all the days and hours I worked (that I’m probably never going to see).  I mentioned that he knows the owners of my building and that’s how I met him and started working for him in the first place… I figured since I quit, and want my money and items – he has to come back SOME TIME at SOME POINT to visit the owners who are also his good friends… people who know him and know what happened with him and I …and the ones who don’t like him have been my “eyes” as I call them.  Whenever he’s here, they’ll text me, they’ll knock on my door or call me and inform me… INFORMANTS… Yes, I have INFORMANTS!  LMAO…. Seriously though, he was here for 2 seconds literally a few days ago and by the time someone had told me and I got out there, he was pulling out of the parking lot so I didn’t catch him that day.  Yesterday, someone came and told me he was here, and then Threasa’s husband (the woman I also wrote about below)… called me and told me he was outside as well… we’re talking about Mo here… so I knew I had to be quick. I had just gotten out of the shower, threw my clothes on while I was still pretty wet and didn’t even dry off too much, brushed my hair really fast… it was dripping wet still… and got my shoes on before flying out the door.  When I closed the door, I know he heard it and he started walking away going to his mini van.  I knew I had to be super quick as I ran all the way to the other side of the building, past the owner and the maintance guy who were outside power washing the sidewalk with Acid… jumped over the hoses they were using like I’m a track star… and started running again until I got to Mo’s van.  LMAO… I was pissed and wanted my money and items. I tried opening Mo’s car door to just talk to him like a normal person and settle this once and for all… but he locked the doors on me, and started backing up slowly…I told him OPEN THE DOORS and he threw his hand up almost like telling me “forget you”… He floored the van back quick as hell and I was close enough to it -to where he could have easily hit and hurt me, so I hit his passenger side window letting him know he needed to stop and I was RIGHT THERE …  I jumped back and let him go.  He took off pretty damn fast.  The owner of the building and his wife know what’s going on with Mo and I… so, when I turned around… (I almost slipped on the Acid may I add)… the owner asked if I was okay because he saw me almost slip. I told him I was fine and joked around asking him, “Why the hell didn’t you tell me he was here?”…. the owner told me, “Because you just wanted your shit back and he gave you it, so I didn’t think you needed to talk to him anymore”.  I told him I never got my shit back, and he asked, “You didn’t??? He gave it to my wife… she should be here in a little bit. I’ll ask her where it is!”…. I then felt bad for chasing this man down for nothing…

And then I thought….




LMAO..you remember this part from the movie FRIDAY, right???  Considering you’ve seen it before… that’s how I feel…like I’m another BIG WORM and I just want my money…and this BOSS FROM HELL  is SMOKEY and keeps running from me!  I asked the owner if my license was there, and he said he wasn’t sure but he knows he saw the Cup my kids gave me for Mother’s day that I left in the car.  I then told the owner “dude, he still owes me $350… all I want is my money”…  I laughed when the owner of the building said, “I don’t know about all that, but what I want to know is how the hell you ran so damn fast? You FLEW past us!”.  I started telling him and the maintance guy about all the crap I had to put up with while working for this BOSS FROM HELL, and the owner then asked me, “Yeah but…I still want to know how the hell you can run that damn fast?”… I laughed and told him, “My money… he’s messing with my money”… the maintance guy agreed and the owner just kept talking about how he’s never seen someone run that fast in his life…. I told him, “PRACTICE…plus, I’d love to be a cop one day so I have to run that fast!”… and if Ever become a cop… good luck future criminallies… Yes…I said Criminallies… LOL.

Remember Melissa McCarthy in the movie THE HEAT??? (IF you haven’t seen it…go check it out..it’s an awesome movie….funny as hell)…




The way she chased and caught criminals like it was easy as hell…..LMAO….


The owner then said, “He acts like he’s scared of you.. why is he so scared of you? You’re little…you’re not scary at all”.  I told him, “It’s the FIESTY in me”… of course, I was joking and I don’t know why this BOSS FROM HELL won’t be a man and just talk to me… I haven’t threatened him. I haven’t done anything to scare him…I haven’t sent anyone after him…I have text him, I have called him, I have left him voicemails telling him I just want my stuff – and the $350 he owes me and I’ll leave him alone…and he can come around here and not have to worry about me trying to catch him to talk to him.  It makes no sense.. you can get rid of me for $350 and NOW my license back… but he’d rather play this cat and mouse game !    The owner joked about me having “snitches”.  I told the owner, “No, there’s just people who know I’m right and Mo is wrong”… he asked who… here’s the thing…when you tell me something about someone that involves me and trust me not to say it was you who said it… OH, I’M YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM!!!!!  My lips are sealed…I don’t say a word. So when the owners wife asked me who snitched and told me Mo was here… I didn’t make a peep. I told her “I got eyes and that’s all you need to know”… I never said who told me nothing. Yes, I said here that Threasa’s husband was one of the people.. but the owner, the owners wife, Mo, nobody from my building has access to this site … and there’s other people besides him who told me, and I won’t ever reveal their names… because you never know when I might need them again.  My loyalty to them is going to be the same excellent way that theirs has been to me.  It’s a beautiful circle if you treat it right!  LOL…

Any way… I just wanted to talk to the man. I wasn’t going to be bogus or do anything crazy, but he runs from me everytime he sees me.  And that’s what happened yesterday.  He did bring my items back and I was thankful to him for that because it was the cup my kids got me for Mother’s day as I said… and my favorite windbreaker jacket…BUT, he still has my license and I need to see if he’s going to bring that back now..and I text him this morning and asked him just to bring me $150 of the $350 he owes me and we’re done ….. I won’t bother him, he doesn’t have to worry about seeing me…nothing.  I doubt I’ll get a dime of what he owes me but as long as he brings my license back, I’ll be fine with that and take the money as a loss.  I was talking to the maintance guy last night and he was STILL talking about how fast I ran.. he told me, “You know what I did when I saw you running that fast?  I closed my eyes because we were power washing with Acid, that stuff is slippery and I thought you were going to fall”.  LOL…

Ah well… at least I got a few things back… he was even nice enough to bring back my Mascara I left in the car and totally forgot about. LMAO… isn’t that sweet of him? Ppppfffftttt… !


In other news…


I just received an e-mail today from my youngest daughters teacher… all parents got the same e-mail.  There was huge debate over plans the teacher had made for Kindergarten graduation. Instead of a cap and gown ceremony , she was going to have a big celebration with a jump house, hotdogs and chips, juice, games, prizes, and a big fun day for the kids to celebrate them going into 1st grade and passing Kindergarten.  I mean, who fails Kindergarten????? LOL… so, she didn’t think a cap and gown graduation ceremony was needed and decided on this celebration instead.  I personally – think the kids will have a blast and would rather do that than to sit in a chair for hours while each Kindergartener graduations and is called up… so, I was one parent that was fine with the celebration instead of a graduation ceremony.  However, not every mom was like me and some gave the Kindergarten teacher HELL.  One mom we’ll call “Mrs. H” really threw a big fit and demanded all moms meet her at the school one morning, and we all fight together and get the Principal and teacher to agree to a cap and gown ceremony.  When I had talked to the teacher after learning how big of a deal this other mom was making everything… and how she was putting down the teachers plans… the teacher told me on a personal level between her and I how hurt she was, and I knew why… the teacher thought she was doing something good… and some parents were against it and tried shutting it down.  I told the teacher how sorry I was, and that if it made her feel better, I thought the celebration idea was awesome and that the kids will have a blast. She thanked me for my kind words, and said she wished all the parents felt like I did.  I suggested MAYBE having a small ceremony for the kids and then going outside after…..for the celebation.

Well, I never heard anything back from her so I figured it was still the celebration only. Today…I get this e-mail….



Friday, June 13th is our Kindergarten Celebration.  Please drop off your child at 8:00am as usual in the lunchroom.  We will pick them up at this time.  Please DO NOT  BE  LATE.  After you drop off your child, please go directly to the gym where you will be seated.  Our celebration assembly will begin promptly at 8:20.

Unfortunately, balloons, flowers and giftsWILL  NOT  BE  ALLOWED because they obstruct the view of parents.  And, we have no area to hold them while your child is on stage.

Please dress comfortably as we will be outside after the assembly.  We ask that all students  wear their “purple Kindergarten class shirts” on this day.

After the assembly, please wait in your seats until ALL children have left the area.  We will meet you in your child’s classroom where we will pass out tickets for food, art projects, memory books and 1st grade materials.

Lunch will be at 12:30.  You may choose where you would like to eat with your child.  You can eat in the cafeteria, the classroom or outside.  If you choose to eat outside please know we cannot provide you with table and chairs, so feel free to bring something to sit on.

If you are planning on leaving early you must sign your child out.  Your child’s teacher will have a sign out sheet available.

We are having a “cap & gown” picture taking area.  If you would like to take picture of your child in a cap & gown be sure to bring your camera.

We look forward to seeing you,

The Kindergarten Team




And I was SO very happy… especially the part about being able to take a picture of our Lani in Cap and Gown after she graduates… there was a big issue about that as well and this MRS. H. parent raised hell that she couldn’t get any pictures of her kid in cap and gown like most students had it in previous years. Looks like she got her way…and the teacher got hers as well… so , there will be a small graduation ceremony… (not sure if the teacher suggested it because of my idea – or on her own)… and then the kids will go ahead outside as it says for the celebration after… I’m happy about it and think it’s going to be such a great day. I don’t like that we can’t bring gifts, balloons and such… but hey – we can’t win them all , right?!


So, I look forward to June 13th …. and plan on taking my Lani out to eat after or having a small BBQ party for friends and family at my parents house as I said that following weekend…


Have a blessed day my loves… until next time…

Peace and Love,



Life as I know it at the moment.

When it comes to my life right now, I should share the details, huh?  Oh man, where to begin?  …. When it comes to work, I quit the job with the BOSS FROM HELL.  If some of you read about it on the last site before I started writing here, you know exactly what happened, and if not… let me explain.

I got a job at a store and was happy that I’d have extra money coming in to shop, take the kids out, do whatever I wanted to do, pay all my city tickets and get a brand new car. Those were my plans.  I then got friendly with a man we’ll call “MO”, who was here where I live constantly because he knows the owners of the building.  Mo and I (when I say I got friendly) with him became “cool peeps” as they say… and I would joke around with him, and make him laugh.  I’m like that… we all know that I’m playful, friendly, and sarcastic… so, I’d see Mo all the time and tell him, “Which cell phone are you giving me?”… or “I need the keys to the Lexus”. … (he had a Lexus that sat in the parking lot for a while)… Mo has his own taxi/Limo service and said he used his 5 phones for the company, had 17 personal cars he uses as his taxi’s and a few limos, he said his business is always busy and needed a few new HONEST drivers because as he told me at the beginning, most of his drivers steal from him and he fires them.  Mo told me an HONEST driver can make any where from $400 to $1000 a night depending how long and how fast they worked.  I thought that sounded like great money so the more we got to know each other, and the more he knew I wanted money, the more he talked about me going to work for him instead of the store.  One night, he told me “take a ride with me to get a customer”… I told him I was driving.  He said Okay, and handed me the keys to his mini van.  We talked more about me going to work for him, and he told me, “meet me at 7 AM tomorrow downstairs by the building”.  I said Okay… and I did.  I trained for 3 days with him on how to pick up customers and drop them off, how to work the credit card machine when I do if they pay with credit, and he showed me where a few different places we USUALLY go were located. The hospital, hotels we pick up and drop off at, Mccormick Place in downtown Chicago, etc.  The 3 days of training with this BOSS FROM HELL was drama in itself. He was constantly screaming at me about something… either I’m not driving the way he wants me to drive, I did this wrong, I did that wrong… and he even called me stupid once and told me I needed to use my brains and think!  That was when he had two of his best clients waiting in downtown Chicago and he had me driving to go pick them up.  He was in the car with me, and making me so very nervous. I can not drive with someone telling me HOW or where to go at the last minute when I’m in the middle of a street and you want me to turn RIGHT HERE really fast… tell me BEFORE we get to the street, but Mo always told me when we were passing the street that I needed to turn here!  AT THE LAST MINUTE…and he’d get upset that I turned too fast, or whatever it was… he was just always yelling. My first day of training, we had gone through a hotel parking lot to go around and go another way, and some lady was sitting in her mail truck , and wouldn’t move because she was waiting for someone to come out.  Mo got mad and told me to go around her. I told him If I did, I’d hit her… he started screaming at the top of his lungs and telling the lady to move.  THe guy that was with her said she was waiting for someone and she would move in a minute… Mo didn’t like that and started yelling , calling them STUPID NIGGERS, and talking all kinds of shit to them.  I’m sitting there in the drivers seat looking at him like




and was honestly surprised the guy and woman remained calm and ignored him because had we been in the ‘hood’, any other African American would have taken his ass out of the car and whooped it!  I remained silent but I was shocked at how he acted.  He had a bad temper, bad attitude, and was just NOT a nice guy, and I should have taken THAT first day as a warning sign.  So, back to the 2nd day of training when we went downtown to pick up the “best clients” as he calls them… he’s yelling and screaming at me for this and that, and just stupid shit…and then he was asking a Chinese kid which way Mccormick place was because we took the wrong street.  The Chinese kid – I don’t even think understood what we were saying, but Mo went OFF on him, yelled and told him, “Fuck you, Fuck you, yeah – Fuck you”…and gave him the finger… he was talking shit to me, and such… and he had yelled at me so much the first few days, I finally broke down. When we got to Mccormick place, I was hurt. I was trying my best and he was just NOT happy. Nothing made him happy.  I was crying, and he looked at me and asked what happened  – in such a sweet calm voice like he didn’t know what he had done.  I looked at him while wiping my tears and I snapped!!!  I told him, “How dare you yell and scream at me all damn day yesterday, all day today… and have the nerve to ask what happened?!  I’ve never had a boss that has ever called me names, called me stupid, told me to use my brain, or has ever disrespected me like you have in these past few days… hell, I’ve never had a boss that has given so many people the middle finger, told them FUCK YOU for no reason, and has been so mean and hateful towards people. You’re NOT a nice man, and I’m not going to tolerate you yelling at me anymore.  I’m trying to do my best and if I’m not driving my best, it’s because you can’t give fuckin’ directions before we get somewhere…you want to tell me in the middle of the street to turn here rather than blocks away where to turn or right before it… it’s partly your fault..and maybe that chinese kid didn’t even understand English, so before you go off on someone, you need to use your brain and think!”.   He knew the clients were coming out right away and he didn’t want to seem like a bad guy so he tried to crack a joke and apologize to me.  When the clients got in the car (and they were some awesome sweet guys may I add – business men from England)…. they asked how my day driving went.  Before I could answer, Mo answered for me and told them, “It’s going great…she’s great!”….



I gave him this “yeah right” look, and the business men asked if we could drop them off at a  fancy resturaunt downtown they always go to when they visit Chicago.  They were here for a Sweet and Treats candy and chips conference for a week… Any way, we got lost looking for this fancy place.. and I suggested we call the place and see how to get there from where we were.  Mo got upset and told me, “What are we going to call them for?..I know how to get there now, go this was…we have to hit Ontario”.  So, I go down the street he tells me, and there’s NO Ontario and then we hit a dead end so instead of going straight, we had to turn left.  He gets angry and tells me I wasn’t paying attention and that we had to pass Ontario.  I tell him nicely that I read every street sign and there was NO Ontario.  I then ask if he wants me to “call now”, and he tells me, “NO, FOR WHAT? WHY?”…very upset. I shake my head and felt like telling the guys I was so sorry and that if MY BOSS allowed me to call the place, we’d get there faster… we eventually found it after almost 45 minutes of driving around, but damn… we could have been there so much sooner. When I tried to GPS it, he thought he knew which way to go and kept getting upset with me for not listening to him… he got even more angry when he told me the clients wanted to take us inside to eat, and I REFUSED to go in the place.  I was upset, I was angry, I was hurt… he told me I was making him look bad by not going in there and eating with them. I told him, “First of all, I didn’t expect this..everyone is dressed up , I’m not… 2nd…you can kiss my ass because you make yourself look bad… they know something is wrong with me. They’re not stupid… and you’re an asshole!”…. he walked away leaving me in the car and I sat there until they were done.  On the way back, I didn’t say a word… he knew I was upset. The guys from England knew I was upset, and Mo rubbed my head telling me, “We don’t want Shelly to be upset, do we?”….He told the guys from England how I have an attitude… I told them, “When you have a boss whose not very nice… that’s how attitudes form”.  He gave me a dirty look, and I didn’t care!  I felt like telling him, “Dude, your my boss…don’t touch me again!!!”….. the 3rd day of training, he had me turn from a “going straight” lane and then gave some lady the finger and told her FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU BITCH, when WE were in the wrong ….. him for telling me to do something like that, and me for doing it because if I didn’t, he was going to yell again… he then told me, “I shouldn’t have had you do that, I’m sorry”…. then he’d get upset and yell at me for making FULL STOPS at a stop sign…he’d tell me, “There’s no cars on the other side. Why are you fully stopping?”… BECAUSE THAT’S THE LAW, ASSHOLE!

And he’d yell at me for doing ROLLING STOPS where I didn’t make full stops because I thought it would make him happy…and I finally realized that if my license gets taken away because I’m not driving right and doing what this jerk is telling me to do – he’s not going to pay my shit, so why risk it? I finally started standing up for myself and told him I’ve been driving long enough to know what to do and what NOT to do, he’s not paying if my license gets taken away and that he needs to be quiet and let me drive the way I know how.  He once yelled at me for coming out of the gas station and turning the wheel so I didn’t hit a bunch of potholes. He told me he wants his car STRAIGHT when we’re pulling out of somewhere. I told him “If you want it with 4 flat tires as well, that’s fine… but I was trying to avoid that!”… I was no longer hurt whenever he yelled and screamed at me, I was a firecracker and fought back… I told him off when he yelled at me …I talked back, and I let him know that I was NOT going to take his shit. Everytime I snapped off at him, he seemed to calm down and tell me he wasn’t yelling. I told him, “IT IS YELLING”…. I’ve been told that since he’s from Pakistan, that’s how they talk, that’s how they are, and that’s how they treat their women… I’m was his EMPLOYEE, NOT his woman… and never was… so, I was NOT going to let him talk to me with anything but respect…. and he knew that after about a week working for him, but he still continued to yell.


Once I got the hang of where those places were located, how to take calls, etc. he gave me my own company cell phone and the KEYS TO THE LEXUS… which I loved!!!  The first night I was out on my own… he told me he was going home to go to sleep and was going to transfer the calls to my phone.  I was extremely busy that night, and didn’t sleep at all.  I was out all night picking and dropping off people and whenever I did come home to sleep, the company phone rang again and again and again.  I made $180 that first night in CASH and when I met up with Mo in the morning, he handed me $90 and took $90. I never understood why we split the money 50/50 if I’m the one who did all the work, but that was his rule… at first he told me he’d be taking 40%…so why he started taking half… I have no idea!  I didn’t say anything though because the money was coming fast and easy…and LEGALLY!   The 2nd night I worked for him, I made $140, and he gave me $70, and took $70 for himself.  I was loving it….

Then – 3 nights went by with no calls.  I wasn’t making any money.. and during the day, same thing. I’d work 22 hours straight and no calls were coming in… so all day, all night…nothing.  He was saying he was really busy and getting a lot of calls…but my phone never rang once.  I complained about it a few times, and he kept telling me that his partners who send calls through or set up some web site for calls “John” and “Mitch” weren’t doing their jobs.  I told him, “that’s not my problem. I need to make money, you told me I could with you… and I’m not making anything now”. For a few days, he was fighting with JOhn and Mitch trying to figure out what was going on and telling them he wanted to see a certain number of calls and jobs per day… nothing.  No matter how many times he talked to these guys, nothing.  Mo would have me sitting in a resturaunt parking lot for HOURS waiting for calls because he said this parking lot was close to the airport, hospital and hotels if I got a call and needed to go – but I never got any calls for 3 days straight as I said.  Finally, I decided since I was putting gas in the car from my own money I was making, to take the car to Willow Springs. He’d always call it “your car” and even told me once that as long as I worked for him, that was my car… so I figured one day, I could take it and it would be okay since I put the gas and keep it clean. I cleaned out that entire car one day by myself because of how dirty it was when he gave it to me.  I brought wipes and air freshners and things that car needed to make it look nicer for clients/customers. So, the day I had no calls and took the car to Willow Springs, he calls me screaming asking where I am with the car.  I told him, and he flipped out on me. He told me, “When you get back, that’s it. I’m taking my stuff back and it’s over. You’re out of my company”.  I laughed and told him, ‘That’s fine because I’m not making anything big working for you any way”.  I was actually HAPPY to leave his company.  IF IT’S A COMPANY AT ALL because I’ve NEVER worked 22 hours straight in my life, and he acted like if I wasn’t working, he had to… almost like he had no other employees… I NEVER seen more cars than 4…AND I never met ANY of his other employees.  He didn’t have a building to report to that we could punch in and out… and his “office” was a place he kept a lot of his personal belongings… nothing business related.  So, I’m pretty sure he was a one man (2 now that I worked for him) company… maybe he had 2 or 3 other people… but I doubt it was as many as he said…

Any way… he told me to meet him at a Starbucks he was at when I got back. When I met him, I was prepared to go OFF on this BOSS FROM HELL … this mean man who treats anyone however he wants to and thinks it’s okay… but, when he saw me – and I parked the car, walked up to him and sat down… he smiled and told me, “What’s up bad attitude?”… like nothing had happened and he was just fine.  I was so confused which led me to believe that this man is BI-POLAR.  He snaps at someone, and then he tries to joke around with them and pretend everything is okay. I use to think it was just me… but I’ve heard the way he snaps at EVERYONE he knows… his other employees he supposedly has, his partners in the business… whoever he deals with, he’s snapping and yelling and going OFF on them. He doesn’t know how to ‘talk’. He started calling me BAD ATTITUDE because of all the times I went off on him, the same way he’d go off on me.  I was fine with that name…call me bad attitude all you want, but just know you will NOT talk to me any way you want!  That’s how I saw it… employee or not.  So, after a while, besides the yelling and screaming,he then started getting upset because he’d give me these little time frames I couldn’t meet… if anyone needed to be picked up … he’d tell them I’d be there in 10 minutes..and then he called me and he’d say I have 10 minutes to get there…and he’d rush me. EVERYWHERE to him took 10 – 12 minutes…it drove me crazy.  I’d look at him sometimes or look at the phone if he was calling me and be like, “10 minutes? seriously???”… I hated his time frames.  There was one time he sent me to 4017 S. Kedzie (up here in Chicago if you’re not from here)… and , I was in the 6500 block or something not even CLOSE to 4017 but he told the people I’d be there in 10 minutes… I ignored his time frame and took my time because with RED LIGHTS, TRAFFIC, etc… it does NOT take only 10 MINUTES… one time he screamed at me because I was closer to the hospital than he was, and he called me saying he was almost there already and asking why I wasn’t. I had a cop behind me so I couldn’t speed and I tried telling him that but he said he was speeding all the way from 63rd and wherever else he was, and made it in 7 minutes…I felt like telling him “CONGRATS”…but I held it in and learned to just say, “Okay Mo… yes Mo… whatever you say Mo” to keep him happy.


He told me any tickets for speeding, red light cameras, etc. that I got on the car – I was paying out of my own money, so I decided to take my time, and drive safe… !!!  He was just always yelling for something and nothing made him happy… and one thing that drove me nuts – was when he wanted me to sit in different parking lots waiting for calls instead of being home and relaxing waiting like he was!  People that knew both of us and that I worked for him hated that and asked me why I put up with it…a lot of them asked him why he gets to relax and wait for calls, and he has me sitting at a parking lot waiting for them. He rarely let me go home and wait for calls. I always had to be in the parking lot…after 10 PM – that’s when he was okay letting me sit at home and wait.


As for John and Mitch, I finally got irriated to the point where if no calls were coming in and I wasn’t making any money… I was done and my boss knew it..especially because he made me give up a job to come work for him to make all this money he claimed I could make.  He finally fired John and Mitch and went with a new company for his calls…we got slammed. We got so many calls and I made $180 that night as well.. which of course, he took $90 of and gave me $90.  What I didn’t realize was that when someone paid with a credit card (and we got a lot of those)… he was suppose to be splitting those payments with me as well just like I split cash payments with him, and he never did that… I didn’t know that until after I quit and talked to a lawyer.  I didn’t even think about it… o well…


So, things started getting crazier than him yelling and screaming at me. As time went by, and we argued over payments, money I wasn’t getting, calls, and such – he then started telling me who I could and couldn’t talk to from where I lived.  There was a guy we’ll call “K’ who he didn’t want me talking to. He told me this guy K is bad… and does all these horrible things, and that the Police are watching him, he’s under investigation and such. He then tells me he didn’t want me talking to this other guy we’ll call “J”… and he told me why… there was one morning I was outside talking to J at about 6:38 AM.. I know EXACTLY what time it was because I guess my boss from hell  -watched the cameras that lead to the building parking lot, and screamed at me for talking to J.  I said I wasn’t out there that long, and he told me, ‘Yeah, you were, it says 6:38 AM and I watched the Cameras… plus, the building is wired for Audio and I heard what you guys were talking about”…. we had talked about Mo… nothing bad just how he is… I admitted to it, and took the blame but kept quiet when Mo said I better stop talking to J.  I was shocked…


As time went by, if we went to eat and he treated… he ordered for me, and didn’t let me look at the menu… he tried to tell me who else I could or couldn’t talk to, and the clients he knew well that were his “regulars”, if I picked them up or dropped them off, he’d tell me not to ask them any questions or answer any of their questions… I didn’t know why and was confused as to why he was acting so weird or secretive like he didn’t want anyone knowing anything about him.  I then got confused when I knew him as MO, and people he picked up or that we dealt with started calling him SAMMY!  I figured maybe that was his name and MO was his middle name… and when I asked him, he said YES… so , to me – that was taken care of and not really a mystery.  He then had me start doing his bank transfers online and e-mails he didn’t know how to do… so , he told me I was his new “assistant manager” as well as driver, and that when he sets up his office and cleans it out, he was going to put me in the office to manage all the drivers… He told everyone I was his Assistant Manager, and they greeted me as such.  He even had me talk to his best friend who lived in Florida – a few times, and his friend would tell me to come down to Florida with Sammy when he goes down there.  He told me Sammy says all good things about me… it got creepy.


Not to mention he made me drive him to some auto repair shop he always dealt with and told me that these 2 guys that run the shop are bad people, have stolen from him and are “crooked”… he told me one of the guys they call NACHO, stole 8 cars from him, but that he doesn’t like getting police involved or dealing with the Police because he’d rather deal with things himself… if that doesn’t sound like a mob related man…Idk… !  LOL… but, I never said a word… I didn’t know what he was into, about, or what…when he had me drive him to this shop, he confronted this guy Nacho on some things and It looked like they were arguing, and he told me to keep the engine running. I joked about it but seriously, if he had done something… I realize I would have been just as guilty as he was even though I had no idea what was going on…and still don’t. If someone steals 8 cars from you.. you’re not going to make a report?????????????? It was just weird….


Another day, the car was making a squeeking noise and I told him about it. We went to this same shop to have it looked at and Nacho checked it out while MO stood by him talking and I sat in a chair watching.  The other mechanic who worked there came up to me, and told me if I wanted to go sit in the waiting area, I could – and that there was water there…air conditioning and magazines. I told him thanks but that I was okay where I was… when he walked away, Mo called me over to him and angrily asked me what the guy told me. I told him because I didn’t think it was a big deal, and Mo told me, “No, you stay right there”… and pointed to the seat… um okay?????????????????  I have no idea why he didn’t want me in the waiting area or it was his way of controlling me because that’s what most Pakistan men do … but, I agreed and sat back down.  I realized that the two mechanics were calling Mo “Mario”, and he said something to Nacho, to which Nacho replied, “I wouldn’t mess with you…I know you’re a dangerous man”.  When I heard that, I’m like




With all his secretive shit, his 5 phones, his telling me not to ask or answer any questions, not wanting me to talk to certain people, etc. I decided to get brave and ask WTF he’s into… he had told me that the car needed breaks and rotars and that I could come back at 7 AM the next morning with the LEXUS and have them done… he said he’d pay for the parts and I could pick them up in the morning.  I said OKAY… but then when we left… I asked him WHO THE HELL MARIO IS, and WHY THE HELL Nacho is saying he knows he’s a dangerous man.  The BOSS FROM HELL gets angry , tells me, “No more questions…it’s none of your concern”… and turns up the radio.  I’m like…UMMM??????????????  Left with no answers…and… he wouldn’t let me go back to the repair shop to get the breaks done. He said the breaks were fine and so were the rotars… I joked and told him, “Until I’m going down a hill and can’t stop”… he got mad and told me, “ENOUGH ALREADY”…..I was surprised…I don’t know why because I knew this guy was a secretive asshole, but putting my life in danger and not fixing the car he had me driving, and the car I’d be driving with his clients in it… just totally wrong!


I then opened my pictures one day and Mo / Sammy replied with “Ohhhh niiiicceeE”… looking over my shoulder to my cell phone. . I didn’t say anything but on the way to make a run one day to bring some customer to the Casino, he wanted me to go with him to show me where the Casino was and started telling me about his 18 year old Ex girlfriend, and how he “banged her” and how good he is in bed.  I did NOT nor did I WANT to know that… and between a BOSS and Employee… that’s a form of Sexual Harassment and he’s lucky I brushed it off. I igored him and didn’t respond to it. I pretended I didn’t even hear him when he said it.


As time went by, he just got creepy, possessive, controlling more than he was at the beginining, and wanted shit his way. He was still yelling and screaming about everything and anything, we were still arguing, and he was still getting on my last nerves.  I loved working overnights because he’d be at his house sleeping, and I was able to do whatever I wanted, and run the business however I wanted. What finally blew my mind and made me say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with this BOSS FROM HELL…. is when he first asked me to write down the miles every time I made a run… he wanted the miles written down to and from wherever I went to pick up or drop off people…I thought that was crazy and I didn’t know if he wanted to know for car reasons, or to know I wasn’t going anywhere else with the car, but I thought it was nuts. I got upset and did NOT do it …. I felt like turning the keys over to him and quitting right then and there but decided to shut up, stick out and try to get more money.

Not to mention if people called us and he didn’t want to pick them up, he’d tell me to tell them we’ll send someone and someone would be there in about 10 or 20 minutes , and he knew damn well nobody was coming, so he was messing with people’s time… or – he’d do one of these numbers where if someone called back looking for their taxi – he’d tell them we sent someone and they should be there shortly, knowing damn well he never sent anyone.  I hated it but couldn’t do anything because he was the boss.  I had no say in it…I thought it was wrong though.  There was one woman who kept calling and calling and calling because she needed to book a Limo for that Friday night for her and a few friends, and everytime she called, Mo told me to tell her he was in a meeting, or ignore her or whatever else he told me to tell this woman.. I started thinking if he really wants this money, and her needing a Limo is good money…. why wouldn’t you want to do it? Maybe he really didn’t have any Limos like he claimed!  That’s the only thing I could think of. I never saw ANY of his Limos…

and…he’d send me to the most ghetto neighborhoods if he didn’t want to go… put my life in danger, and he’d take the suburbs and surrounding areas that were beautiful..wtf?!  What’s wrong with that picture???!!!

THE FINAL STRAW….was last Monday.  I had been so very sick for a few days and lost my voice and everything… I tried Tea, cough drops, etc. and from working 22 hour days… 7 days a week with no breaks or days off… it was killing me. Hot weather, cold weather, A/C in the car, windows open sometimes… jacket, no jacket, sweater, no sweater…. it finally got to me. I was practically LIVING in the Lexus because this BOSS FROM HELL never wanted me to relax and just had me on the go all the time…. well, when I was sick last Monday – I really wasn’t feeling well and found out he was at the building where I lived – hanging out with the owners.  Some other woman in our building Threasa, had gotten into an argument with him because he was always down-grading her and making her feel bad …. putting her down, etc. So, she finally snapped at him, and when he said I could come back to the complex and rest… I did.  When I got back, he pointed at my place and told me “go rest”… in a demanding voice… I told him I was going to see Threasa for a minute … she told me she’d tell me what happened with her and Mo when I got back. So, I’m standing there talking to Threasa, and Mo comes slowly walking over and motions me by him. I told him to hang on, and he said he needed to talk to me about “business” and proceeds to tell me something about making and handing out business cards, which is bullshit… he didn’t want to talk to me about that because Threasa tells him, “She’s talking to me right now..can we finish?”… he says NO, and she tells me “you know what…go…I don’t know what you to get in trouble”.  Mo stood there looking at me listening, and I told Threasa… “I’M NOT GOING TO GET IN TROUBLE…THAT MAN IS NOT MY DAD!”…. I had already gotten to the point of being fed up with MO controlling me, telling me what to do, who to talk to and not talk to, yelling at me, asking me to write the miles down every run I make, enough was enough already….and everyone was either a NIGGER, a BITCH, or a WHORE to him… he didn’t respect anyone.


Not to mention three days before that… I had taken one of his regular clients home from somewhere, and she told me that nobody steals from him, that he’s a liar and a fake, running an illegal business, and that 3 people who she knows that worked for him quit because he’s greedy, doesn’t pay right, and wants all the money for himself… I def. seen that!!!  So, I’m not the only one whose quit or knows how this BOSS FROM HELL is…. this woman BEGGED me to get away from MO and quit, and said he’s an evil and dangerous man… I still wonder WTF EVERYONE ELSE KNOWS THAT I DON’T ABOUT HIM and why they keep calling him evil and dangerous…


J – the one guy he told me to stop talking to, even told me once that his girl worked for Mo, and Mo was possessive as well with her and went around telling everyone that was his WIFE!!….and J said he knew more about Mo than I did, but wouldn’t tell me everything he knew… Idk why.


So, that night that was the FINAL STRAW for me… I walk over to Mo and ask what he wants. Threasa was standing by us, and Mo tells me in front of her, “I don’t want you talking to Threasa. She’s a LOSER”… I got PISSED.. Threasa is one of the coolest women I know where I live. She’s been nothing but sweet to me and she may not have her shit together and may be going through her own things, mistakes, etc… but she’s a human and she has feelings too -so when he said that and it looked like Threasa wanted to cry, I snapped… I lost it… I had enough!  I told Mo OFF and I told him, “MY OWN PARENTS DON’T TELL ME WHO I CAN AND CAN’T TALK TO!”…after I got done going OFF on him about everything… yelling at me, telling me who I can and can’t talk to, the miles BS with the car, everything – he just looked at me and calmly told me, “I don’t like the way you’re treating me”… I told him, “I DON’T LIKE THE WAY YOU’VE BEEN TREATING ME…AS A MATTER OF FACT… HERE’S YOUR CAR KEYS!”…and I gave them back. He asked if he could have the book back that we write runs in…I told him, “Hell yeah, gladly… by the way … this woman here needs to be picked up at 3 AM… you need to know that since you don’t have me to work overnights anymore and you can’t get any sleep now…”… he asked for his 2 charges back.. one for the car and one for the house, and for his phone back..and I gladly gave those back as well.. .I get to be home now and don’t have to worry about sleeping with my clothes on because of calls??????? HELL YEAH… HERE’S ALL YOUR CRAP BACK DUDE!


I was more than happy to give his stuff back.. I then got all my stuff out of the Lexus, but forgot my Drivers License, the cup my kids gave me for Mother’s day and my favorite jacket..and the asshole is refusing to return them. I’ve called him several times and nothing.. he won’t answer my calls or if I call from another number, he’ll hang up on me. He still owes me $350 from an agreement we had for weekly pay because I demanded that as well… and he told me any overnight cash I make is 100% his if he gives me weekly pay…the dude was just so greedy, and un-professional and I don’t regret quitting for a second. I miss the job. I miss driving and the awesome people I’ve met, I miss working over nights and all… but not him!!!  Even the owners of the building that know him and I say they don’t know why I didn’t quit sooner because he runs his business in a stupid way… and he’s best friends with the owner… so for the owner to agree with me quitting… I was happy with that.  They say maybe the BOSS FROM HELL started liking me and that’s why he tried to control me and who I talked to and such, but hell…. even that’s no reason and he should have known that I’m an AMERICAN gal – NO MAN Is going to control me as much as he tried to do. He was acting more like a boyfriend, or like my dad that my boss… and as I said..my own parent’s don’t tell me what to do or who to talk to and not talk to.. it was getting out of control and I had to put a stop to it.


He won’t come around now. If he comes to see the owners, it’s for 2 seconds and he’s gone. I’ve been waiting to catch him to talk to him and just get my shit back…I wanted the $350 he owes me at first, but now it’s to the point where I just want my items back… ah well…


I’ve been a lot happier now that I’m not working for him. The guy is a control freak and a nutcase… God bless whoever works for him next….


So – I’m currently looking for something better, and working on my creative side painting vases and Wine glasses, selling those, trying to Paint canvasses and selling those and such. I’m enjoying not working 22 hours straight – 7 days a week and dealing with the BOSS FROM HELL…


On  the kid front – I’ve been fighting with the CEO of the Chicago Public school board because my oldest daughter will not be graduating with her class along with a few others…she met ALL the requirements to graduate… she got excellent grades and brought her D in Math up to A “C” as her teacher told her she needed to do to graduate, but  because she didn’t pass her required testing needed to graduate, she’ll have to go to summer school.  What REALLY pisses me off about this whole thing is that I fought to get her into the schools tutoring program in Math because she struggles with it – and the school did nothing for her but put her on a waiting list.  I was told that there was not enough time for teachers to tutor her one on one because of the other students, and that I could have gotten a tutor for her myself… I argued that tutors are NOT cheap and that the school said they would help her but never did. I fought tooth and nail on this and told them how UN-FAIR I felt it was because she never got the help she needeed – and how I sent her to school to learn and get the extra help she was promised. The CEO’s assistant told me it was up to the principal to let her walk in the ceremony tomorrow even though she has to attend summer school, and the CEO didn’t approve of it… she told me today if she allows it, I’m opening a can of worms and causing a lot of trouble because other parent’s will fight and want their kids to walk in it as well. I told her that because she didn’t get the proper tutoring, I felt like there should be an exception, and the CEO totally refused..the Principal was upset as well that they’re not letting the kids walk in the ceremony who need to attend summer school, and as much as I tried and as hard as I fought…I lost!  It breaks my heart to see my daughter go through this just for a friggin’ math test score… I think these tests are so ridiculous because as some parent’s are now fighting – some kids make great grades in certain subjects but just test low.  I don’t feel these tests should determine if a child passes to the next grade or graduates… and I do plan on going to the Media and fighting these tests for future children… I believe these tests were started in 1996  – the year I graduated 8th grade, and I hated Math as well. I needed to attend summer school because they test in mainly reading and Math… I loved reading and did well on the test… but the Math killed me. However, I was allowed to walk across the stage and participate in the graduation ceremony… they changed the rules and Policies now and I don’t feel it does any good to a kid’s self esteem NOT to let them participate. I think it brings down a childs self esteem and trust me when I saw I’m going to fight this policy and these stupid tests.  Tiffie made excellent grades and is on the National 50 percentile of advanced readers…she passed the reading test, and because of this one Math score, they’re holding it against her when the school did nothing for her.  Whatever the outcome is…I still want to find a way to make it where a kid can pass with just good grades rather than these tests… she met all the requirements except for this Math test and I tried my best to have her graduate tomorrow with her class, and it fell upon deaf ears who are just against helping a child’s self esteem.  Tiffie is upset, hurt, depressed and angry over it and I don’t blame her!  I keep telling her how proud I am of all her hard work because she really did try her best this year, and worked her ass off… and even though she won’t graduate with her class tomorrow – she will go to summer school, I will hire a personal tutor to make sure she passes summer school and graduates in July… and we WILL still party and celebrate when she graduates.  I plan on taking her to a movie and out to eat tomorrow so she doesn’t have to think about what her “class” is doing !  Screw that… I don’t want her sitting around depressed tomorrow.  She doesn’t need that.  I told her she can stay home tomorrow, and she told me her teacher said she has something for her …I told Tiff, “Get whatever she has for you, and leave”.


My youngest daughter graduates Kindergarten June 13th and has her celebration party as well….so I think I’m going to have a small BBQ/Party at my parents house for Lani and when Tiff graduates… I’ll have a party for her.  I’m proud of my oldest and all her hard work and I begged her not to feel bad. If it wasn’t for these tests, she’d be walking with her class tomorrow… but, I plan on doing something fun with her like I said to keep her mind off of it.


My son is going in to 5th grade as well and my mind is set on hiring a tutor for him also as he’s not the greatest in Math either and I know 6th grade – he has to pass his testing as well to go to 7th… this is driving me nuts but I’ll do whatever I can from this point on – no matter how expensive it may be – to get my kids private tutors (since I can’t count on the school to teach them anything)…and, get them to the levels they need to be at!


I’m also working on two books I hope to have published and out by Fall or Winter… so, that’s taking up a lot of my time as well.


In other news, I’m also looking for a 3 bedroom apartment currently…Not sure exactly where I want to move yet..suburbs or city.. but I do know I want to move… so, while all this is going on, paying tickets, getting a new car, saving money, getting a new apartment, supporting Tiff through her summer school battles, planning a party for youngest if possible, – I ask you to bare with me as I try to write as much as possible… and , enjoy the adventures I share with you, the up’s and down’s and everything in between….


I have so much to get done by this time next year, and eventually – I’ll write more about my goals as I try my best to accomplish each and every one…. I love each and every one of you for all the love and continued support you’ve each given me… and Thank you all for the love you have for my writings. MY LIFE – no matter how crazy it’s about to get or has been in the past… is all going to be written about here. Good, bad, serious, happy, sad…etc…and I’ll always be completely honest about it because I don’t feel the need to sugar coat it or make it look better than it is… Yes, I have a lot of things to deal with, but you know what? I always keep a smile on my face and try to find the best in every situation.  I’m a pretty patient person so no matter what I go through, I keep my head up and eyes open to the next chance I get at making it even better…


And – I have so much other stuff going on right now I’ll also eventually talk about but from now – until everything settles down, my life is about to get nuts!!!


Follow my journey through this crazy thing I call “life”…. starting now!!! 🙂


Peace and LOVE,


Tell it all Tuesdays.

Hey my loves…

I’ve been working non-stop …sometimes around the clock, and for a few days …36 hours straight almost with only a few cat naps here and there and no real sleep… things have been crazy, things have been busy… and I’ve just been handling life and busting my butt to make money daily… as most of you know, I’m a driver!  I pick up people and drop off people for a Taxi/Limo company, and it’s been a lot of fun driving, making money, meeting new people, and exploring Chicago and other suburbs.  While some neighborhoods are beautiful and amazing, and others are shabby and disgusting… there’s always SOMETHING EXCITING or new going on, and new places to see, go, etc. So …. with that being said… I’ve been so busy and so tired that I haven’t wanted to open my lap top and do ANYTHING.  I haven’t touched my lap top in almost a week… not since I wrote about losing my best friend…days has it been??? Something like that…. I didn’t check the date…


Any way… I thought I’d do something called “Tell it all Tuesday” from now on, while I’m working for this Taxi/Limo company.  Tell it all Tuesday – will be about all the things I see, and hear – and the crazy, funny, drunk, etc. people I meet while driving and doing my job.  I thought it would be something different and fun for you guys to read, and since today is obviously TUESDAY, I’ll share some of my “stories” from this past week…. what I like to do if I have crazy or funny runs  –  is write them down and share them with you guys, and I did write down a few crazy moments from this past week… things have been GO, GO, GO and my boss is a DON’T STOP kind of guy… DON’T STOP WORKING. DON’T STOP TAKING CALLS. BE READY WHEN I CALL YOU.  YOU SHOULD LEAVE ONE MINUTE AFTER GETTING A CALL, NOT 3 OR 5….so, to make him happy and stop him from being upset and yelling at me …. I now sleep (if I DO get a chance to sleep) with my clothes on, stuff ready to go, and my shoes next to the bed so I can be out of the house as soon as the phone rings !   I found out this week that my boss monitors ALL calls, and if I get a call and he’s awake … he calls me to check up and make sure I’m leaving the house to pick up whoever… I finally had to tell him, “Mo… I promise you I’ll take all calls, so you don’t have to check on me!”…. so he constantly has me running around… but, I finally have some “down time” and can write, THANKFULLY!   so… here it goes…


The “Have you ever been robbed” guy:   I had a call Friday night this past weekend, from a guy who was drunk at a bar and needed a ride home.  It was about 2 AM and I went and picked him up.  I knew exactly where the street was but while I was trying to GPS the address into my phone… the cops rolled up on me with their spot light and pulled me over.  Once I pulled over, the passenger (who was a young hispanic cop)… MALE – asked me what I was doing.  I told him, “I’m sorry…I’m trying to find 6707 W. ****** Ave. (I blocked out the street name for Privacy)… the cop told me, “It’s right up the street a few blocks, on your left. Is that the bar?”.  I said YES.  He told me again where it was, and asked if that was why I was looking at my phone while driving.  I laughed and told him, “Yeah, GPS”, and showed him the phone.  His partner turned the lights off and they told me to have a good night.  They went the other way, and I continued on my way.  I found this bar, and called the guy to let him know I was outside.  He came out with another drunk guy who was even more drunk than he was, and I’m thinking both of them are getting in the car.  No !  This other guy kept talking and talking, and the guy I was picking up told him to go home before he gets his ass kicked, and that he NEEDED his ass kicked.  When the guy gets in the car, I asked if his friend was coming too – or needed a ride.  He said NO and that his friend had his own car… I asked why he didn’t call him a taxi too if the guy was drunk, and how he would get home.  The guy said, “I don’t know and don’t care. He’s probably driving”.  Oh, that’s nice!  (Sarcasm)!… I watched his friend keep walking so I doubt he was driving, and I left.  I had my GPS on and the guy tells me, “You don’t need that thing. I know where to go”.  He then tells me how to get to his house and that he just laid off 150 of his employees and he feels bad.. so he needed a drink.  I didn’t say anything. He then says, “You probably think I’m a royal prick for laying off employees I can’t pay and then I’m here drinking”.  He then goes into some story about how he’s at the bar for some kids baptism as well, and then trails off into why I’m driving a Lexus instead of a real taxi or limo.  After that conversation, we get to near Midway where there’s a pretty dark road I had to take and it was completely dead. No traffic or anything and he turns and asks me, “Have you ever been robbed?”.  I’m thinking


     (excuse the language..I thought it was funny)!

I told him, “Never…and besides, if I ever did – all they’d be getting is my cell phone because I leave the money at home.  I never carry money on me!”.  He tells me, “Oh, well – the only reason I’m asking is because it’s 2 AM, you just picked up a drunk dude you don’t even know, and you’re a small female. You have to be pretty confident to handle this job”. I told him, “I’m applying for the Burbank Police Department, I’ve been trained in Kick boxing, Self defense and Karate, and when it comes to shooting, I have a perfect aim!”.  He laughed and told me, “Well, that helps, too!”.   No dude… I’m trying to tell you something here… I don’t think you’re hearing me!  Read between the lines…if you try anything or have plans to try to rob me, I’m going to go JACKIE CHAN on yo’ ass!  LMAO….. he didn’t try anything..but , he did start telling me how his wife is “ssssooo mad at him” because he stayed at the bar and got drunk, and she left before he did.  We got into the conversation about LOVE, and he asked me if I was in LOVE with my ex… I explained how I felt, and he told me that he doesn’t know if he’s IN LOVE with his wife, because he has a 2 year old daughter who has a serious disease and everything he does… every choice he makes… he does everything for his daughter and he knows he completely LOVES his daughter and that EVERYTHING he does, any choices he makes, he’s thinking about her and that’s his heart and soul.. if he ever lost her, he doesn’t know what he’d do… but said that his wife… he can’t say the same thing for so he doesn’t think he’s IN LOVE with his wife or loves her much.  I stayed quiet not knowing where he was going with the conversation, and then – instead of telling me how to get to his house from the point we were already at… he starts drifting in and out and falling asleep and I’m thinking, “Hello, are you going to tell me where you live or shall I just take a wild guess?”… so, I kept asking him where to turn and when we got to the street he needed to be on, he woke up all of a sudden and said TURN HERE … I was in the 2nd lane and had to hurry and jump to another lane and flew across the intersection (there were no cars in front , on the side , or behind me)..NEVER try this when there is… VERY dangerous!   So, this guy tells me “I should have drove your car”.  I asked if he wanted to and he said YES.  I told him he was NOT getting a DUI in the Lexus, and he replied with, “DUI? Why would I be driving?”… I almost laughed… but, I decided not to, and when we finally got to his house…I was happy when he paid me, jumped out, and went to his house. LOL… and thankfully, he had no plans of robbing me.. (that I know of any way)!


The “Thank God you’re a female” girl:   I got a call over the weekend from a guy who said he needed someone to pick up his cousin and bring her home.  I asked the name , number, address and basics, and he told me everything.  When I got to the house, this girl comes out looking so young, so innocent and sweet. She gets in and the first thing she tells me is, “I feel so much better knowing you’re a female. Thank GOD you’re a female”.  It was 1 AM, and she laughed when I told her, “I know how you feel..right back at cha!”.  She said she’s had some weird taxi / Limo drivers who either don’t know how to speak English, don’t know where they’re going, what they’re doing, or just try to flirt with her.  I promised her I wasn’t anything near like them… LOL.  She laughed and we had great conversation on the way back to her house.  We talked about anything and everything, and she couldn’t believe I had 3 kids and was 31. She kept telling me, “Nuh -uh, no way…you look and sound so young!”… LMAO… I WISH!  She was actually one of the NORMAL ones from this past weekend.


The “Almighy” dude:   Now, I’m not sure if this dude was ‘Almighty’ as in gang banger…just for the record, here in Chicago (I’m not sure where else)… Almighty is usually used for Latin Kings…not sure if it goes along with other gangs or not, but that’s what I know ALMIGHTY as when someone says it.  So, I was sleeping and got a call from a dude Sunday Morning at 4:30 AM.  He said he needed someone to pick him up and asked if I could do it. I agreed and left the house typing his address into the GPS.  NOTHING.  I call him back and ask if he’s sure it’s CHICAGO because the only address for him is pulling up in BURBANK.  He tells me, “Oh yeah – my bad..it’s Burbank!”…. okay, figure out where you live next time before you wake me up!  LMAO… right????  So  – I go get this dude at 5:15 AM (his new request time)… and, when I get to his house… it’s pretty easy because he’s already waiting for me outside. He jumps into the front seat and tells me he was expecting a taxi, but the Lexus is a lot better.  I was still trippin’ he jumped into the front seat… LOL.. we are NOT going cruising!  *SMH*…So, I didn’t say anything and he told me where to go, and said he hates working Sundays.  I told him same here, and he said I sounded like I was sleeping when I answered. I told him YEAH and I wasn’t even going to go because it was cold Sunday morning and I was tired, but I mentioned I love the money I get from it. He then yells out (while my windows were open and all)… “Yeah, anything for that ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!”….and that wasn’t the first time he yelled out something about ALMIGHTY…anything he could say that sounded good with ALMIGHTY In it… he said it. Not to mention his hat was busted to the left, he looked ghetto as hell…and talked like one of those East L.A. Cholos. LMAO… the kind you see in movies like BLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT or MI VIDA LOCA.  He was cool as hell though, don’t get me wrong.  We talked a bit, and he was telling me how much he appreciates me picking him up because other places he called..nobody would send anyone.  He asked if he called back to have me pick him up again, how would he get ahold of me and not someone else.  I told him to call the company and request “Shelly”.  I gave him the owners business card, because drivers are not allowed to give out their own personal numbers (I think the boss is worried we’ll make more money and not tell him).  He always gets a cut of whatever his drivers make.  Any way, we were talking about my oldest daughters and youngest daughters graduation and how I was going to do it at a BOUNCE HOUSE place, but I think they’re too old for it. He laughed and told me he’s an adult and STILL goes in BOUNCE HOUSES when him and his boys get drunk and they have parties where there’s BOUNCE HOUSES… He then said for his neices 6 year old birthday party, they were having one and he plans on jumping around in it and breaking it. I told him how messed up that was and he said he was joking about the breaking it part…when I dropped him off at work, he only had $21 on him. I told him not to worry about it, and he said he wanted to give me a good tip. I told him it’s okay.. and he told me, “I got you next time baby”.


Polish Punks:    No offense to anyone who might be Polish.  These dudes were PUNKS.  I get a call from one Polish guy asking to be picked up and I asked if it was just him. He says yes, and gives me all the information. I go get him and he comes to the car, jumps in the front and as I pull away, he tells me – “No wait…my friends are coming, too!”.   I asked if he was serious, and he said YES.  So, his 3 drunk loud friends get into the back and they’re screaming, laughing and talking loudly, and ask me if I can stop at one of their houses so the guy can change clothes.  I had other calls as well and these guys were screaming so loud, I couldn’t hear. I just wanted them OUT of the car… I asked the guy in the front who was the quietest one, “are your friends all drunk back there?”. He laughed , looked back at them, and said something in their language. I told him he’s the quietest one and one of the guys in the back told me, “He’s the shyest one – that’s why!”.  He told them, “I’m not shy”… and I thankfully finally got them downtown to the SKY BAR where they vere going, and they were yelling out some loud , rude shit to some girls… POLISH PUNKS I call them… not only that , but when I was on the phone, they talked and screamed louder… smh….


The “EAST L.A. COUPLE”:  This one had me laughing!  I go to pick up a couple at a motel on the south side of Chicago.  I pull up this motel and it’s dead… there’s nobody hardly there, and it looks run down and shabby. I won’t put them on blast and say which Motel, but ICK!  So, I pull up , and I didn’t get the couples room number, but I knew the girls name was “E______”, (blocked for Privacy) so, I ask the guy at the front counter (who looks like a cholo gang member himself) if he knows anyone who has rented a room with the name E_______. He looks it up and tells me NO, but then when I get in the Lexus to call my boss and see what I should do, I hear a knock on the window and it’s Cholo from the counter.  He asks if I’m the Limo/Taxi service, and I said YES.  He tells me the couple just came down, and was looking for a regular taxi, and they weren’t sure if it was me or not.  I said YES, and they got in.  Have you ever seen the EAST L.A. Gang members??? They look like this :



and most of the females look like this:


Before I go any further…let me just say I am NOT racial profiling, and this has NOTHING to do with hispanics!!!  This has to do with how the gang bangers/Cholas and Cholos dress and look out in EAST L.A…. and this is it… !   Some are White, some are Latin, some are even Black or Chinese… but, this is the way most of them dress and look.  THE BANGERS… well, the couple I picked up looked JUST THE SAME.  So, it made me giggle a bit, and their accents…STRAIGHT EAST LOS!  LMAO….crazy California accents.  They were a young couple, ghetto as hell – and the dude jumped in first saying, “Damn, I was looking for a taxi, but I like this ride.  It’s tight, ey girl!”.  I asked if he was talking to me… he said Yeah.  I told him, “Yeah, I like driving it”.  She jumped in next and told me where they were going.  I talked to them for a bit asking if that motel was good, and he said it’s not the best, but it’s alright for the price – and he told me there’s a lot of tagging in the rooms on the walls, so they just come there to sleep.  (Sleep? Yeah…..ooookkkkkkkk!) lmao… and I threw in, “and read”…. the girl laughed and told me, “Yeah, and to read the walls!”… (if they could read)..I assumed they could.  The guy had tattoos all over representing a certain gang (I told you!) but I won’t put the gang name here.  So, I take them far as hell and listen to them talking in the back. They were talking about books, and  the guy was saying something about how when he was locked up, (figures)… his baby mama sent him a bunch of books and spoiled his ass. He talked about his baby mama a few times, and the girl in her most ghetto EAST L.A. voice told him, “You think I don’t know what you do or catch on to every little thing you say!  I got you!”… she was getting upset and he laughed about it.  He asked her what she meant and she told him just to change the subject. He then started talking about other books he’s been reading, and she’s tells him, “Oh my God. For as long as I’ve been with you…I’ve NEVER seen you pick up a book.  You my baby has a brain?”.  He told her, “I use to be a straight A student, but they kicked me out of school for fighting, and that fucked up my whole life”.  The girl was then telling him how a friend of hers always catches her man BEFORE he cheats but when he’s planning on it, she knows and that she has some app that if she puts in anyones phone number..it shows text messages and calls and that’s what she does to her boyfriend… and the girl in the car told HER boyfriend, “I don’t know why she even stays with him if she has to do that. Let you do some shit like that and I’ll leave you”.  He told her, “You ain’t going no where”. She told him, “Watch me. Do it and see”.   I kind of smirked but couldn’t laugh and show them I was listening to everything they were talking about.  I thought it was funny… and then they started talking about different people they knew, and different “hoods” and where they could get shot at… (nice right??? Knowing they’re in the back of the car I’m driving and could mark it up or someone can reconize them and shoot while I’m driving)… lovely!  LOL.. smh.  So, I get them to where they’re going, and see a car burned pretty bad and the guy tells the girl, “This is _______________ car”, (again, named not mentioned for privacy)… and the guy told her they did that Saturday during some party he came to… and then when I seen all the Cholos and gang bangers standing on each block… I knew I was NOT in the greatest neighborhood. I told them both, “Damn, you guys got me dropping you off in the hood!”… they both laughed, and the dude told me, “Yeah, something like that”.   When they got out, he handed me $20. The ride was only $17.50, so he told me to keep the change, thanked me, and left.  Oy!


The sweetest thug:      I picked up a thug last week and thought I’d probably have problems with him.  Nope!  He was the sweetest, most polite and gentle guy I’ve ever come across.  He was thugged out like crazy, and when I told him he could “ride up front”… he was trippin’ and told me he’s never rode in the front of any limo or taxi before…and has never seen a LEXUS used as any either. He laughed but said he loved the car, and asked why I had people ride in front with me.  I told him, “It’s easier for me to watch a guy when he’s in the front”.  He agreed and told me, “Yeah because you don’t have any cuffs or anything and never know what he has on him”.  I told him, “Exactly… this way I can watch all hand movements… not that I don’t trust you, and it’s not just you..it’s any guy I have to pick up”.  He totally understood and told me how he was robbed a few months ago, and about his whole life story. He started going on and on about how bad of a neighborhood he grew up in and that his mother never let him go outside and play because there was always gun fire… how he got into fights and into gangs in high school and went the wrong way in life, and he went to jail and just came out months ago and changed his life for the better… how he’s working as a Forklift Driver right now making $14 an hour and loves his job, but he hates taking buses to and from it – and that he owes over $10,000 in backed up child support but that he’s been in jail and they don’t want to cut him a break.  He said he owes city tickets too and should have paid those off before buying a car because he figured he could buy a car now, use it for work, and then pay the tickets after but that once the city found out he had a car – they booted it and towed it and that the fees to get it out would have cost more than the car itself so he let it go.  He was telling me about his dad and how his dad was never really around, and that he doesn’t want that for his 12 year old son, but that the mother lives in Indiana and doesn’t let him see his son a lot.  He said that he loves kids and wants more, and wants to be a family man someday but right now, he has to get his shit together first.  He was telling me everything and anything… he was serious about life, and just trying to get through his troubles and problems.  He was saying he’s a good guy, and then tells me after about 30 minutes of non-stop talking, “So tell me about you. What do you do? Kids?  What are your goals and dreams?”.  I told him a few things, told him I had kids, their ages, what’s going on here and there, and that I wanted to be a cop.  I told him that’s my biggest dream right now, and he told me “That’s awesome… have you applied?”.  I told him about applying for the Chicago Police but that I guessed on a few things I should have taken my time on and didn’t pass the written exam… but that I do plan on doing it again, or applying for the Burbank / Berwyn Police depts.  He told me he use to want to be a cop, but he said that in class one day and everyone looked at him like he was retarded and it changed his whole outlook on things and became something worse… I told him it’s never to late to go back and apply, and he told me, “Yeah,but my Criminal Record is too long now”. ..and he told me he has eye problems and can’t drive.   When I got him to Midway airport so he could jump on his bus (there’s a bus station there in case you’re not familiar with Chicago)… he thanked me, paid me and gave me a good tip, and told me, “I’m sorry if I talked too much, but you ever feel like you meet someone and just have an instant bond and emotional connection with them?..that’s how I felt with you”.  I don’t know if he was bullshitting and trying to flirt, or if he was sincere and really enjoyed our conversation… but he said he enjoyed the conversation – and went on his way to work. He was really sweet, and did his best to keep the conversation going as well. He also asked if he wanted to request me again, could he? I told him yes and how to do it. He asked my name again and I told him , “Shelly”.


The airheads and the White dude:     I picked up this dude who called me for a ride, and he said he had two females with him going to a Bar and Grill in Lyons.  When I picked them up, the dude mentioned I had a nice car, and they all squeezed into the back. I told them that one of them can ride up front if they wanted to,and they said they were fine in the back…I had to listen all the way there to the females that were talking about how chubby their fingers were and that one wanted to get her nails done but she didn’t think it would look right on her “chubby” hands… the other girl, in such a WHITE GIRL tone, says, “OH MY GOD… YOUR HANDS WOULD TOTALLY LOOK CUTE WITH NAILS”. I giggle a bit at how AIRHEADED these two females sounded.  I then heard the guy whisper something to the female next to him and she said, “Yeah, that’s fine”… he then asked (I guess with his girlfriends permission) if I could be the one who comes and picks them back up when they’re done at the Bar and Grill.  I said YES if they called the company and asked for ME if I didn’t pick up… I could come back and get them.  He did…they called back about 11:45 PM and asked me to come get them.  I went back and he said they had one extra person.  They were beyond drunk and loud by this time, and the guy said he was sitting in front and let the females sit in the back.  Him and his girlfriend were talking, and he told her he hated when she called him asking for directions and sounding stupid when she said, “Where am I?” and “Which way do I go?”.  He said she should know her way by now and she said she didn’t , and that if it bothered him so much, she would call someone else for directions next time… one of her friends added fuel to the fire by adding, “Yeah, call that hot guy with the 6 pack from the gym we go to.. the one with the hot French accent…I’m sure he’ll tell you where to go and you don’t need your man for it”.  The guy in front with me told her, “Yes, please..go ahead and call that guy from the gym with the 6 pack and French accent, and then give me my apartment keys back and let me live my life”.  I’m thinking



The girl was pissed and told him he was sleeping on the couch….so when I got them back to the house, this dude jumps out of the car and tells the girls and his girlfriend, “You guys got this…I got the ride there. Pay her!”… and he walked around the Lexus and into the house without waiting for the Airheads… one part of this that had me almost laughing though was when the guy said he stole a bunch of buffet food.  Chicken, and Steak – and such…and snuck it into one of the bags..and he opened it only to realize he forgot that bag and brought only the bread and salads he had wrapped up to go. The airheads were laughing at him so hard, and may I add  –  that one of them sounded like the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST from Wizard of Oz exactly – the way she laughed???? LMAO… it was this annoying, high pitched, wicked laugh… smh.  He kept saying, “Fuck”…and the girls kept laughing… so when the girls couldn’t pay me any tip because they barely scraped their money together for the $40 ride home… I told them, “That’s okay… the entertainment was enough”, and all 3 airheads started cracking up like I was a comedian and had just said the funniest thing they had ever heard. Girls who make themselves look like airheads annoy me… but DRUNK airheads who laugh that hard at nothing….. that’s even worse. LOL.


The “Run around”  B****  :    I get a call from my boss saying that there’s a woman who needs to be picked up from Rosemont, IL.  Rosemont is quite a ways from where I was that day so it was going to be great money if I actually got her and took her where she needed to go.  I was all for it..plus, I love to drive and love the long rides. So, he asked if I would do it and I agreed.  I called this lady and she tells me she’s at the Rosemont Convention center in another taxi that brought her there and he doesn’t go where she needs to go, so she would wait for me. I told her OKAY and since she didn’t know the address there, I googled it, found it, and got another call from her saying she was going to meet me at BEST WESTERN in Rosemont.  I googled that address, got it, and was on my way …. she then calls me again and says her other taxi is bringing her to LOGAN SQUARE to meet up with me and she says, “I’m headed towards you”.  How if you have no idea which way I’m coming from or where I am???  So, after the 5th time she changed spots and called me to meet her here or there…I finally asked her to please stop… get an address, and stay there so I can meet her.  She agreed and told the Taxi driver to drop her off in front of 7-11 at the Oasis.  She fought with the taxi driver because the meter said she owed $50 and he took her around in one complete circle looking for the 7-11… well once she got there and got done arguing with the taxi driver, she tells me she’s at the HINSDALE Oasis. I tell her okay, and drive almost an hour (with tolls and all that I used my own money for) and got there finally.  I go inside and ask if there was anyone waiting for a taxi in there because I knew she was talking to the staff at 7-11 for the address.  They had no idea what I was talking about, so I had a feeling it was the WRONG 7-11.  I was at the Oasis she told me.. so, she calls me about 5 times trying to find out where I am, and she tells me to go by PUMP 1 at the Mobile gas station behind 7-11…. there WAS a gas station but it wasn’t a MOBILE I don’t think… so, I ask if she’s in the Rosemont Taxi mini van by PUMP 1… and yes, there was one there.  She says YES, and I tell her I’m in the Black Lexus. She says she doesn’t see me and asks someone who then tells her she’s at the O’HARE OASIS.  I told her she told me the HINSDALE and she fought with me and told me she said O’HARE. I told her if she said O’hare, I’d be there , not in Hinsdale… so, I ask if the taxi can bring her to the HINSDALE Oasis and I’d take her from there.  She said he couldn’t and she got out of the taxi and then demands I go pick her up.  I called my boss and told him and he told me she’s nuts, screw her, and to come back because she could have stayed where she was from the beginning.  She called me 17 times after that from one number and 18 times from another number that said it was from California, and she kept calling my boss… my boss told me ignore her.  I did.  She called me again today actually and I didn’t answer… that was Saturday I went to get her, and she’s calling me today?  For what??? Any way……. we “X”-ed HER… which means, when she calls and we see the X, we don’t answer now.  LOL.  She was just trying to give me the RUN AROUND and the boss things she’s working with another company.


Everything is YYYYEEEEAAHHH (say that slowly and add a hillbilly accent) LMAO… no really…so I go pick up this Semi truck driver a few days ago that tells me his truck broke down so now he needs a ride to get the company van , go to the auto parts store, pick up those, bring them back to the truck and have it fixed.  He tells me he’s from MEXICO but stays in Texas a lot, and that he was trying to make it back for a car show on Sunday this coming weekend,  but it’s not going to happen because his boss is sending him to Baltimore and that’s totally in the other direction.  He was disappointed and kept talking about this car show.  Now, I usually try to make conversation with my clients because it makes them more comfortable than riding in awkward silence, but this dude just sounded and talked like MOUNTAIN MAN from DUCK DYNASTY.  If you’ve never watch DD before…it’s hilarious and MOUNTAIN MAN talks real slow, and always says things like YYYYEEEEAAH and YYYYYUUPPPP really slow and in a hillbilly accent kind of way, and that’s exactly how this dude sounded.  He was Mexican for him to sound like a straight WHITE Hillybilly was cracking me up.. and everytime he slowly said YYYYEEEAAAAHHH, I wanted to laugh, but held it in.  LOL… he wasn’t much of a talker either and when he did talk, as I said – all slow…. but, he was a nice guy.  When I dropped him off by a truck stop, the gates closed on me and as I’m leaving and the gates aren’t opening, I’m thinking about PETEY PABLO’s part in the CIARA “GOODIES” song where he sings, “Baracades, I run right through em”…….. LMAO… no no, of course I can’t go through gates, so I Just sat there trying to look for someone or figure out what to do, and luckily, they opened.  I did NOT want to get out because there were a bunch of big rigs and their big dude owners, and little me.  LOL….

Better be safe, than sorry…. right?????


The “Touchy feely” drunk guy:   I picked up two guys last night and they were BOTH obviously drunk.  I told them I would send someone to get them, and when I went and called – the one guy tells me, “Wait, you’re outside??? You???” I said YES, and they came outside. One jumped in back, and one looked at my plates and car and everything and asked where my “sign” was… I told him to get in.  He talked about needing a job and asking if I could talk to my boss for him, and that he does construction but isn’t making any money and needs to pay his bills.  I told him I would… he gave me his number to give to the boss and he was pretty drunk, but more sober than his back seat buddy.  As I’m talking to this dude in the front seat and driving, his back seat buddy tells me, “My boy friend knows how to get there” …slurred words and all.  The guy in the front with me tells me, “He said BOY as in guy friend, not BOYFRIEND, okay?”.  I laughed and told him I don’t judge. He told me, “No, homie don’t play that!”… which had me laughing.  The guy in the front was pretty cool and thank God he was there. His back seat drunk buddy jumps to the front as I’m driving and jumps all over me trying to hug , kiss, and touch me.  I pushed him back and told him, “UH UH…DON’T TOUCH ME!”…. the guy in the front grabbed his arms and pushed him to sit him back in the back seat and told him to relax himself and chill out.  He kept saying, “YEAH, BUT SHE’S BEAUTIFUL. SHE’S BEAUTIFUL”… the guy in the front seat ignored him and told him calm down, but kept talking to me about getting him a job. The guy in the backseat started talking in some kind of language and wouldn’t shut up, so the guy in the front finally yelled, “OH MY GOD…I’M PRETTY SURE I KNOW THE ANSWER ALREADY BUT HE WANTS ME TO ASK YOU IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?”…. I said YES. LOL… I didn’t want this dude in the back.  He tells the guy YES and to leave me alone already… any way, long story short… he was BEYOND DRUNK in the back, and when we got to the bar…I laughed and asked the guy in the front if he was SURE he wanted to have his pal drink more and take care of him.  He told me, “I don’t know…it might have been a mistake. Whose gonna take care of me now?”.  The guy in the back seat asked if I would come get them when the bar closed instead of someone else… I said we’ll see…and he handed me $40… the ride was only $24.50 and I tried giving the extra money back but he told me take the tip and that a beautiful girl like me deserves it. LMAO… I’m sure he woke up today counting his money and wondering where that extra money went. THANK YOU FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT GUY IN THE BACK SEAT…I USED IT ON THE WAY HOME. LMAO….


So…………………….just thought I’d share some of the people I’ve come across while doing this job so far and tune in next time for TELL IT ALL TUESDAYS…





Have a blessed night and hope you enjoyed! 🙂 These will be on TUESDAYS from now on! 🙂


Peace and Love,




Wishing “Money Trees” were real.

I had mentioned that I got a 2nd job and how much I NEED it to save money for certain things..especially my oldest and youngest  daughter’s graduation parties in July.  I was going to use the 2nd job to pay the $500 for it.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I got a call back from the skating Rink I wanted to do it at finally, and the woman confused the crap out of me when she talked about seperated pricing and said it would be easier to just do the $500 because the first 100 skaters – skate rentals are included for them.  15 pizza’s are included, a cake, and some other crap – so I finally just decided to pay the $500 and shut up about it. So – now that everything is set and I was going to use the 2nd job to pay for this party coming up….something rained on my parade and shut down my funds for this completely.

I was supposed to call yesterday, and I did. I was calling for my schedule.  I was calling, and calling and calling, and nobody was answering which is weird because I go to that place often and someone ALWAYS answers the phone. I shop there!  I love it there! So – me working there is a blessing.  Well, when nobody answered yesterday – I figured the phone lines were down, and maybe I should go in to talk to the boss.  I never got a phone call or anything and I wanted her to know I was still interested if my drug test and background check came back clear (which of course, they would have)!.  I get to the store, and nobody is in the parking lot but the lights are on.  The doors were locked. (This was about 7 PM last night and they don’t close until 9).  On the door there was a big Orange notice saying the store was shut down/closed temporarily due to an “UNSAFE BUILDING”, and “CEILING COLLAPSE”… for a few days now, pieces of the ceiling had been falling , rain water kept pouring in everytime it rained, and the insulation was coming down as well – but the store Managers would put cones, and yellow tape wherever there were missing pieces of the ceiling to keep customers out of that area.  I’m not sure if someone complained, or something happened where more of the roof fell in, or the city just happened to stroll in there… but, the city inspected it and shut them down.  The sign said something about their roofers working without a permit to do so and they needed that – and how they needed a dumpster to do the work, and a few other things – and then a big White sign on the door said, “Dear Customers, due to our ceiling problems, we are temporarly closed but will re-open as soon as construction is completed”.  They need an entire roof to open again.  Another White paper WAS the permit, and then said something about NO WORK ON SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS… so, I have no idea what is going on or when the work will continue – when they will re-open or what!  I was in there when the pieces of the ceiling were missing and when one of the women told me what happened, she said it was raining INSIDE the store, and they planned to fix it soon.  I guess the city meant NOW, huh?!  LOL. However, it leaves me with the stress of trying to pay everything I need to pay AND NOW – squeeze the party money in there as well.   BIG STRESS FOR ME! This couldn’t have happened at a worse time.


I did go to another place up here yesterday and asked if THEY were hiring, and the African American chick was all too happy to give me a few applications and told me they guarantee 25-40 hours or more if I wanted to do over time at other locations.  I filled that application out yesterday and plan on bringing it back later today.  I’m struggling right now with the fact that I COULD have been working and making money with this 2nd job and then THIS happens.  *SMH*.  When life hands you Lemons, you do your best to BUST OUT THE TEQUILA AND …. no, no…I’m just kidding.  I don’t really drink… but, I know I have to make the best out of a bad situation right now.


I then tried to make my youngest daughter’s teacher feel better last night.  I feel so bad for her.  She made plans NOT to have a regular graduation ceremony for the Kindergarteners FOR WHATEVER REASON… maybe it was the school’s choice and not hers. I’m not really sure WHY or what happened, but she decided instead to have more of a CELEBRATION for all the kids hard work.  She will be sending home Menu’s I belive to have the parent’s and students order food from wherever she’s ordering from, she plans on having a PICNIC for the students and the PARENT’S ONLY, no other family members can come (which Is the only thing I’M not happy about)… and plans on having games, prizes, and a bounce house for the kids – which I know many of them will love and have a blast with.  So, she sends home a news letter with prices and her plans for this day of celebration  – and some of the moms went NUTS.  They hated the idea, and were so pissed off that their child wasn’t going to have a regular “cap and gown” graduation, or a graduation ceremony at all  -that they complained to her about it, told her how UN-FAIR it was and that they were looking forward to a regular graduation with gap and gown, and how other schools or other students have done this before so why not theirs???  Many moms are lashing out at the teacher about this and about not being able to invite other family members – which I did e-mail the teacher about and asked her why that rule?  She explained that she already has PARENTS coming and with 30 students, and some with 2 PARENTS or step-PARENTS each, that’s already almost 200 people or more… I didn’t really add it up and don’t wish to but I understand her point – ESPECIALLY if this is INDOORS.  I would think they would have it OUTDOORS but I guess because of safety concerns and such, extended family isn’t invited.  I was upset about that but totally respect and understand the teachers wishes.  She told me how HURT she is that these parents’ are lashing out at her and upset.  I felt bad for the teacher because she’s an AWESOME teacher and I’m sure that when she made these plans, she thought it was a great idea and that the kids would have more fun at a celebration like this – rather than sitting indoors, in chairs for a few hours during a ceremony.   SO – I’ve been getting e-mails from this one mom we’ll call “HERNANDEZ” because I Don’t know her first name… and she’s been e-mailing all the moms telling us we need to set up a graduation for our children and pretty much “fight back” against NO GRADUATION… she wants all moms to meet her MONDAY in the cafe of the school to talk to the Principal and demand a graduation with gap and gown and all.


Last night, I e-mailed the teacher and told her that I am NOT complaining , and that I think the kids would RATHER have a celebration with games, prizes, and a bounce house, than be bored sitting at a graduation ceremony and asked if there’s any way we can make BOTH the moms fighting against this, AND the parent’s who don’t mind this happy – and maybe do a small graduation ceremony, and THEN – the celebration the teacher already had planned.  I feel bad that parent’s are going against this celebration and the tracher being the one who came up with it, feels hurt and awful that the parent’s are not with her on this.  I don’t think it should go as far as moms meeting up to fight against the teacher or her plans – I think maybe if the Principal can set up a small ceremony to make them happy, and then continue with the celebration  -it’s a win – win for everyone involved.  I can see where BOTH the moms and the teacher is coming from – but, I don’t think it’s a big enough deal to fight the teacher on.  I think it’s shitty that ESPECIALLY this HERNANDEZ Mother is pushing things way too far because although other mothers complained – she’s the only one wanting to take action.  I won’t be there Monday.  I think it’s ridiculous.  I think the kids will LOVE the celebration and I’m not going against the teacher.  Ah well…. the teacher thanked me for my kind words yesterday when I told her if nobody else could attend except the parent’s , I understood and wouldn’t argue against it, but she hasn’t responded to my e-mail about shutting the other moms up and doing a small ceremony yet.


And – I also e-mailed this HERNANDEZ chick and told her I think the kids will have a BLAST at the celebration and that I DON’T think we should “do away” with it because they might have more fun there than sitting in a chair bored waiting for their names to be called in an actual ceremony.  I never got a response from her either… probably because I also let her know that I think the teacher’s idea is great,and how there’s no room or whatever for extended family…I don’t think she liked what I had to say because I seemed like I was ALL FOR the celebration rather than a graduation ceremony.  I did ask her to see if the Principal will do a ceremony AND THEN the celebration after, but not to get rid of the entire celebration because the teacher had great plans.  If she didn’t like what I said, and felt like I wasn’t one of the moms supporting her like she asked us to do …. O – well.  I really do think the kids will have more fun doing the celebration, than the graduation ceremony.


Other than that…I was on my Oldest daughter’s Facebook last night checking it out to see if her and this little EMO kid I’m not too happy about had any new conversations. I watch conversation closely between these two now because he seems to like her – a LOT… the one I had said seems like he wants her all to himself, and wants to control her… Yes – him! Well, last night – they had a conversation (that my daughter still doesn’t know I read)… and he asked her if she wanted to dance with him on the CRUISE they’re taking for their 8th grade graduation celebration.  She said SURE, and said she never thought that would happen.  He asked what… and she said, “A boy asking me to dance or liking me”.  I thought that was cute/sweet…and didn’t really freak out about it.  They’re going on a cruise in June – and it includes dinner, dancing, and then free time to walk around Chicago’s beautiful NAVY PIER for a few hours by themselves.  While I’m not thrilled about them walking around NAVY PIER by themselves…I do know that teachers and school staff will be there walking around as well, and checking on them.  This does NOT make me feel better and I’ve offered to go with as a chaperone and was told by the teacher that she’d let me know if she needed any.  Nothing yet…. I might just take a “bus” to NAVY PIER that day and pretend I just wanted to go shop or something to SPY… hell, if she’s going to be walking around with this boy ,I want to know!  LOL…we’ll see.  Any way, I told her dad about it and big mistake!  You know her dad always makes something out of nothing and wants to blame it all on “me” because that’s how he is.  He’s a big dramatic baby!    So, he tells me how he doesn’t like it ONE BIT, doesn’t want her dancing with this boy, and tells me it’s MY FAULT for making her a FACEBOOK so she CAN talk to this boy.  I calmly replied with, “First of all, she’s 13.. eventually her dancing with a boy or being interested in a boy was going to happen, and a boy being interested in her as well.  2nd of all, she’s not allowed to date or be alone with a boy and they won’t be alone.  3rd … even if I didn’t make her a Facebook, the 2 kids go to school together and were going to talk or text if not for Facebook any way, so you can blame me all you want – but I’m monitoring it so relax”. He text back with some BS I didn’t even pay attention to because as I said, with or without FACEBOOK, she still has a phone and could still text the kid and see him in school.  I also told her dad that after 8th grade… the 2 are not going to see each other and are going to different high schools.  While I “watch” the situation and their conversations to see if this boy crosses the line, he hasn’t really done anything wrong yet and dancing with my daughter is not a big issue I need to “come here you little shit” for… LMAO… for those of you who read the whole story about the kid who “dated” my daughter last year and I stopped that shit real quick – you remember what a little shit he was , right??  Cocky little attitude and all….. but this boy she’s talking to now… it seems to be friendly conversation and if it goes past “lines” and him asking her out – and her saying YES… then… I’ll get invovled and either make HER tell him, or I’LL step in and tell him SHE’S NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A BOYFRIEND.  Dancing together on the cruise… I’m sure MANY of the 8th grade girls and boys are going to be doing it.  Hell, in 8th grade  – WE were going to have a DINNER DANCE but we were some bad asses, so our teachers cancelled that.  I understand he’s a dad and to even think of his daughter DANCING with a boy freaks him out, but to blame me for it??????? If this kid likes her enough, he was going to ask her to dance and talk to her regardless.


As I said,I don’t pay attention to her dad when he gets like that.  He blames everyone for everything… everyone does wrong except him. That’s how he is.


But, enough for now… I need to figure out this $500 thing and I’m wasting time.  Maybe I’ll go water my money tree in the back and see if it finally grows!  LMAO  – Oh, how I wish Money Trees were real!


Peace and Love,


Baby Bullies and other rants.

I have gotten another job. I sure the hell did!!  I’m proud of me, and the responsibility I’m taking on.. maybe it will be too much for me, maybe not – but I’m giving it a try.

I went for the interview the other day and it was a piece of cake. With any money I make – I plan to save and pay my city tickets completely off…and get a new car FINALLY… and then comes saving for a nice new 3 bedroom apartment. I still haven’t figured out WHERE I want to move yet, but I know wherever I move to, has to be close enough for my kids to get to school.  I don’t want them to have to change schools. I actually like the school they’re at now, and my oldest has her heart set on going to one of the high schools by the house that many of her friends are going to as well.  She also has some of her classes picked out already and I’m looking forward to seeing her in ROTC and Basketball in high school as well.  I’m one of those CHEER MOMS who scream and yell at every game so – if you thought elementary Varsity Basketball was nuts… imagine me in HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY BASKETBALL at the games… LMAO… I’m gonna be the mom with the Pom Poms and Bullhorn. LOL… okay , okay – not really but I should.

After getting the kids from school yesterday and walking them home, I finally also got to see the little 8th grade EMO kid that my oldest has been talking to.  HE LIKES HER.  He likes her a LOT.  He was walking right beside us looking at her but didn’t say a word to her. I whispered to her, “Isn’t that the emo kid you talk to that likes you?”.  She said YES and told me to be quiet with a smile on her face, but I didn’t say it loud.  I asked her why he wasn’t talking to her and she said he doesn’t like talking to her with other people around or with her parent’s around because he thinks we’re going to say something.  I told her I’d rather have him talk to her with one of HER PARENT’S around…LOL… Idk if I like this kid or not yet.  I know he’s EMO and I’ve heard things about him, but not sure what to think. he kind of seems like the type of boy to want to keep a girl away from her friends and family, and try to control a girl… so, we’ll see. My daughter isn’t allowed to date or be alone with a boy yet, so I’m not worried about it and they’re not going to the same high school either so besides school or Facebook, the two don’t have much contact, thankfully.

Sorry – I got off the subject….

So, I go for this interview and they tell me they want to hire me and it’s mostly for nights and weekends. I LOVED it because I HATE waking up early and not enjoying my morning coffee as much knowing , “Damn, I gotta get ready for work”… by night time…I’m fired up and ready to go running so running to work, is nothing for me.  She then asked if I wanted to do what I originally applied for , or KEY HOLDER – opening/closing and other responsibilities.  I thought about Key Holder because it pays more… but then again, that would mean coming in EARLY AS HELL and sometimes, leaving LATE AS HELL after…so, while nothing is set in glue yet to my position, she said we could talk about it more after my background check and drug test clears.  Here’s what pissed me off and what I want to RANT about.  The library closest to where I am is the OAK LAWN library…. I was told that in order to go for the drug testing, there’s an e-mail the manager was going to send me that same day after the interview… and said I had 48 hours to take the drug test AFTER opening the E-MAIL and that they know what day and time the e-mail was opened because it comes back to them.  What she DIDN’T tell me was that before I get the drug testing paper I had to PRINT OUT that she told me about to take to the center for the drug test – that I had to go through an entire NEW HIRE packet and fill it out online.  It was a few pages long, asked for emergency contacts in case, asked for withholding information for taxes, asked for confirmation numbers of my SS , address , etc. and other normal things… BEFORE it would give me the drug test paper to print out with my information on it.  The place I had to go to for drug testing was the same exact place I went to for my first job I got recently… so, I knew exactly where it was -and the same day I did the interview – I decided, “Let me go to the library – print this paper out and go for the drug testing so I have nothing to worry about the next few days”… that’s exactly what I did.

I went to the library, and was told If I didn’t have an OAK LAWN public library card, I could use the 10 minute FREE computer.  The CHICAGO library, is a little bit further down and I decided I could use the 10 minute FREE computer at OAK LAWN which is closer.  Ha!!!    I get there and was told over the phone FIRST OF ALL – that the first page is FREE and that any pages after are 10 cents. I just needed that ONE page for the drug test.  I didn’t open this e-mail for the NEW HIRE packet yet, and decided to do it at the library so it would start timing me from then on. That was my mistake.  I open it at the library when my FREE 10 MINUTE session starts on the FREE computer… and was annoyed when I found out I had to fill out this packet. NOT because of the packet… but rather because of the 10 minute FREE session if you’re not an OAK LAWN resident with a card.  I was NOT going to go all the way to the Chicago Public library after going way out to OAK LAWN.  This packet took 10 minutes or so to fill out – and the damn OAK LAWN library FREE computer took 5 minutes of MY TIME to load the page I needed to be on, so that got me upset.  While I was doing my best to hurry up and fill out this information to get to the drug test page I had to print… the computer shut down.  My 10 minutes were up.  I told the guy working there how unfair it is because their computer took 5 minutes to load the page, and asked if I could get at least 5 more minutes because of that. He told me no, and that he’s sorry but either I have to be a resident of OAK LAWN and apply for a card, OR pay a few dollars to use the regular computers for an hour.  I didn’t have anything on me at the time and didn’t know I had to or I would have gotten some money before going… and then I was told, “Well, were you done and did you get to the page you needed because if you can give me the 10 cents, we can at least print it out”… I explained what happened to him, and he didn’t seem to care, nor want to help  – and I also told him that when I called, the woman said the first page is FREE, and he told me, “No, it’s 10 cents”… I don’t think that library knows what it’s doing actually, and everyone in there has personalities like a “wet dishrag” as my mother always says… they don’t smile. They have bad attitudes… the last time I went there and was looking through the movies, someone else was next to me doing the same (they rent out DVDs)… well, the person next to me was leaving the movies forward instead of pushing them back when he looked through them, so – when he walked away, I was PISSED when the woman working there told me, “Push them back when you’re done looking at them”…and as she walked away, she added, “IT’S NOT HARD!”…. with an attitude.  Part of me wanted to go up to her and be like



and give her a piece of my mind telling her, “IF YOU’RE GOING TO SAY SOMETHING SNOTTY TO SOMEONE, MAKE SURE THAT SOMEONE IS THE PERSON YOU’RE LOOKING TO OFFEND, BECAUSE I WAS NOT THE ONE LEAVING THE MOVIES THAT WAY”….and walk away with a snotty comment of my own she wasn’t going to like…but, part of me was also like


I said a quick prayer that went something like, “Lord, I worry I’m going to say something NOT SO NICE to this Blonde Barbie looking lady, so please, handle it your way”…. AND with that…I walked out of the library and didn’t say a thing to her.  Rudeness comes in all shapes, sizes, etc. and some people can’t help but to be rude to others… I chose that day – to walk out of there nicely and not return a mean comment, or exchange words with her.  I was told I should have reported her, but I don’t live my life to get people in trouble. I believe in “Let go and Let God”… he’ll handle it, and to me – while it was rude, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  So, I’m not really too FOND of the OAK LAWN library, but – it’s close and I figured I could get this paper printed out there.  I have a computer at home here, but no printer (which I’m also investing in soon).  I didn’t print out the paper in case you’re wondering because they wanted to give me trouble about it and wouldn’t give me another 5 or 10 minute session to finish. I was angry about that, and that I had wasted money to get there… but, I calmly walked out, and went back home.

I opened the NEW HIRE packet again to finish the blanks I had to fill out…and, when it got to my drug test page that needed to be printed… it said that if I did NOT have a printer..I could write down the confirmation number and the DRUG TEST place could look up my infomation like that.  I was speechless and had no idea that’s all I needed instead of wasting my time trying to print it out.  OY!!!  I was happy though because I was eventually going to go to the Chicago Public library IF I REALLY HAD TO.  So, new rant :     I get to the drug test place yesterday morning sometime.  I hand the lady my Drivers License and the confirmation number and she says they can’t do it that way and they need the actual paper printed out.  I explained that the jobs web site with the NEW HIRE Packet said if I take my confirmation number – they can look it up that way, and that I didn’t have a printer. She again tells me, “We can’t do it with the confirmation number and if you want, you can forward the NEW HIRE packet to this e-mail address and we’ll print it out for you”.  I took a small piece of paper she handed me with an e-mail address on it, and went outside to get signal on my phone as I looked for the FORWARD button to send them the NEW HIRE packet.  Of course, my phone doesn’t give me the option to FORWARD an e-mail (at least not that I have figured out yet because I usually use my computer when checking e-mails)… so I accidently did magic and made the NEW HIRE packet disappear!  It was no longer in my e-mails… I was BEYOND PISSED.  It wasn’t in my deleted folders or anything.  I have no idea where it went and still haven’t found it.  But  – I remained calm, called the place I’ve been hired at, and explained the situation to the on duty manager.  She said she would give Pam (my new boss) a call and see what she could do.  I asked if she can send the NEW HIRE packet to the e-mail the lady at the drug testing place had given me.  She then calls me back and tells me PAM and Pam’s boss are not answering their phones so she left a message with Employee customer service and has to wait for a call back, but that she would call me as soon as she hears anything.  I thanked her and she told me she has NO IDEA why they’re giving me such trouble because she sent another girl over there with the confirmation number and they took her just fine.  She told me a lot of companies use confirmation numbers so she doesn’t know why they’re saying they can’t but said maybe she’ll call them and find out.  I thanked her and told her where I was exactly.

I decided not to wait on a call back, and decided to go back inside to tell them I was told they CAN look it up with the confirmation number and that if I had to come back again -I was NOT going to be happy… but as soon as I got inside, the African-American woman who told me they couldn’t do it that way, was gone – and a tall White man was there in a lab coat.  He asked my name and asked me, “Do you have your confirmation number and Photo ID?”.  I asked if they could do it like that and he said, “Normally, we’re suppose to get the printed copy, but we can pull it up with the number, too!”…. YOU SEE!!!!  Give me all this stress, for what?!  LMAO…. ugh!   So, I did my drug testing, and called the place I’ll be working at when I got out. I told the manager what happened, and she said she called and complained and told them she knows they CAN do it with the confirmation number. I told her it worked and thanked her.  She told me, “Awesome, sorry for all the trouble”.  I told her, “It’s fine, as long as I got it done, thanks again!”…. the adventures I go through, man!  LOL…. and now, I wait for the results to come back and wait for my schedule.


Now let’s talk BABY BULLIES:   I was informed my youngest daughter the day before… punched a little girl in the stomach.  How hard can a 5 year old punch?????   REALLY??? But, the other little girls parent’s were making a big deal about it and having a fit… I understand wanting to be protective of your kids, because I’m MAMA LIONESS when someone messes with my cubs or another child puts their hands on my kids… I’m there ready to confront both child and parents so I totally get it… but, this kids parent’s made a HUGE thing over it.  I felt bad and it’s wrong, plus I’ve told my Lani before to keep her hands off other students, and that one day  -she’s going to hit someone whose going to turn around and hit her back and can hurt her.  I explained this. This is not the first time Lani has put her hands on another student, and other students have put their hands on Lani as well, and each other.  The teacher informed me she has a BULLY SITUATION sometimes, and sometimes it involves my daughter and sometimes it doesn’t.. This time, it did.   So, I was upset and when we got home, I asked her why she did it.  She wouldn’t answer me.  I asked her who the little girl was and she said, “Jocylina”.  I asked why she did it, and she said, “Because she’s not my friend”.  I told her just because this little girl isn’t her friend, it does not give her the okay to hit her and if I hear about her hitting anyone again, I was calling the Police and letting them take her to jail.  Yes – I tried to scare her out of doing this again… of course, I’m not going to call the Police on my 5 year old.  If me putting the fear of the law into her stops her, THEN SO BE IT.  She put her head on my chest as I got firm with her and told her I better NEVER hear about her doing anything like this again, and that if her teacher tells her to do something, she needs to listen and do it, because her teacher mentioned a few times this week, Lani won’t do what she’s told.  I brought up everything her teacher had told me.  I went to pick the kids up from school yesterday so when I was talking to Lani and she had her head in my chest, I told her to look at me.  At first, she didn’t want to – I told her she needs to make me proud and right now, she’s not making me very proud.  When she finally looked at me, she had these little tiny tears running down her face and she was sobbing.  I asked her why she was crying, and she told me “Because you’re not proud of me”.   That right there broke my heart. I hugged her, told her I love her and that I AM very proud of her, but not when she’s not listening or when she’s hitting other kids.  I asked if she liked it when kids hit her, and she shook her head NO.  I told her, “Then you can’t do it to other kids”.

My Lani and I have a thing where we “PINKY PROMISE” each other that we’re going to do something and that means we can’t lie, or break the promise.  Whenever she wants to make sure I’m telling the truth about something, she makes me PINKY PROMISE and trust me, if I know I can’t follow through or if I’m lying to just make her happy… I WILL NOT pinky promise and she knows that, so when she tells me PINKY PROMISE? – it’s pretty much like I better know I can do it or follow through…. or tell the truth, and same goes for her. PINKY PROMISES between her and I are special, and she better do what she says she’s going to do if she PINKY PROMISES me something… I made her PINKY PROMISE she was going to keep her hands off other kids, and pay attention to what the teacher says and she did.  So, hopefully that will be the end of these BABY BULLIES in her class, but if not – at least the end of  MY BABY being a bully…. !  She’s tough.. my little Lani takes no shit and if she feels a certain way, she’s going to show you  -but in school, and any where else, putting your hands on others is NOT okay and now  –  I hope she knows that.

One thing that does disappoint me though that I want to RANT about … (I’m full of those today, huh) ?  – is the fact that my Lani and her Kindergarten classmates are NOT having an actual KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION I just found out.  Her teacher sent home flyers and sent out e-mails to the parents’ saying that instead of a typical GRADUATION , they’re having more of a CELEBRATION.  No cap and gown this year, no GRADUATION in general.  They’re ordering food for the parent’s and kids going, and ask that the kids wear their school colors graduation shirts that day, and they’re having a “picnic” on school grounds with a BOUNCE HOUSE, games, prizes and such for the kids.  Almost like a small carnival type thing. PARENT’S ONLY!!!…..No other family members allowed…  I was okay with it at first, but then I’d rather see her GRADUATE like a real graduation and be able to celebrate with her after… not a picnic.  I’m not sure how the other parents feel about it but I know ONE MOM was BEYOND PISSED… she e-mailed the teacher saying how UN-FAIR it was, that other family members wanted to attend, that she wanted her child in CAP AND GOWN and wanted to see an actual graduation… she said the PICNIC made no sense because what if it’s cold?  What if it rains?  I agreed with that… and she e-mailed the parent’s saying we should try to stop it and do something… I agreed!  I’d love to have my family there to see Lani graduate…or celebrate if that’s the case.  I e-mailed the teacher this morning and said if we can’t do a graduation and have to stick to the celebration only, is there a way to at least invite 2 or 3 members of a family per child??? We’ll see what she says!


I think a celebration instead of graduation is pretty dumb, but who am I to go against it?


Besides that, my Frankie yesterday made me the best Vanilla milkshake!  I love that kid…I laugh because I’ll point to the milk and ice cream and he already knows what I want. I can NOT make milkshakes like him. He puts the perfect amount of ice cream and milk to get it just right.  And – I almost smacked him upside the head when he fell asleep on the couch after school with gum in his mouth again.  Those who haven’t read “the worst call of my life” … check it out and you’ll see why.  I put my hand by his mouth and told him to “spit it out”… he spit out 2 big wads of gum with his eyes still closed…I asked him, “what’s wrong with you kid? You didn’t learn your lesson the first time?”…. ugh… being a mom is killing me slowly !  LMAO….


I also forgot to mention work wants me to change my hair color.  It’s a pinkish / Reddish/ Blondish/ half black on top mix… so, one lady in my building jokes that I’m the girl with the 900 COLORS in her hair…and work said they’d like everyone to have a “natural” look so no more crazy hair for me for a while… I plan on going to get hair dye later today…wish me luck!!!  🙂


Peace and Love for now,

enjoy my rants and raves….